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Summer Scholarships - New for 2020

If you’re a current undergraduate or graduate student, a graduating high school senior or professional, then you can apply for a merit-based scholarship for our summer programs (excluding Yiddish).  Check your eligibility and apply now!



Summer Programs

  • Business & Entrepreneurship in the Start-Up Nation

    Dubbed one of the most innovative cities in the world, Tel Aviv is the perfect setting to study business, innovation, and entrepreneurship in depth. 

    Israeli innovation and entrepreneurship have brought the world so many important things, including jump drives; instant messaging; cherry tomatoes; drip irrigation; and the world’s smallest video camera that can be swallowed for internal medical examinations; and so much more.

    Join us, and you’ll discover the traits that produce more venture capital per capita and startups than any other country in the world.


  • Fundamental Technologies of Cyber Security

    Israel is a leading powerhouse for Cyber Security innovation. Join our program, and you’ll focus on the technical aspects and examine the fundamental technologies of Cyber Security Systems, including BlockChain; Cryptology; Hash Function; Crypto-Techniques; Asymmetric Encryption; and more. 

    You’ll begin by participating in the world-renowned Cyber Week conference on campus, where you will be privy to a unique gathering of cybersecurity experts, industry leaders, investors, academics, and government officials.


  • Advanced Cyber Security: The Evolution of the Cyber Threat

    Join this elite program taught by one of Israel’s leading experts in the field.  You’ll explore Cyber Security from the perspective of national and economic security, the complexity of policy-making and strategy, and the relationship of Cyber Security and governance. 

    You’ll begin by participating in the world-renowned Cyber Week conference on campus,  where you will be privy to a unique gathering of cybersecurity experts, industry leaders, investors, academics, and government officials.


  • Middle East & Jewish Studies

    How and why does religion factor into the Arab-Israeli conflict? 

    What is the dilemma of religious movements and democracy? 

    How does Iran affect the region and, in particular, Israel? 

    What is political identity, and how does it define Israel and its neighbors? 

    With the emergence of modern varieties of Judaism, how do Jews around the world identify and define themselves, and how does this affect national and political identity in Israel?

    If you want to uncover the answers to these complex questions, then apply now and spend your summer examining the Middle East from an insider’s perspective!


  • Smart Cities

    The unprecedented growth of population in urban environments over the last decades makes the smartification of cities a timely topic.

    The focus of this program will be on the design of human-technology interfaces, understanding the beliefs we always form and update regarding the surrounding artifacts, and the relationships we create with apps, bots, machines, and with other people. Pedestrian cognition, for example, is hugely affected by new modes of sensation, perception, behavioral intentions, and actual behaviors. 

    Where better to study the ‘smartification’ of cities than in one of the smartest and greenest cities of the Start-up Nation?


  • Summer Internship Program

    Tel Aviv is not just the beating heart of Israel; it’s #6 worldwide for its startup ecosystem and boasts a global reputation for innovation and growth. In our summer internship program, you can participate in a customized internship that is tailored to your academic and professional interests. 

    Whether your passion is Business, Technology, Political Science, NGOs, or more, we’ll connect you with an internship that will be a unique and engaging experience.

    We’ve placed interns in Product Management, Public Relations, Marketing, and Branding, Film and Media, Social Media, Education, and Government.  So, where do you want to intern?


  • Focus on FinTech: Summer Internship Program

    Financial Technology (FinTech) is all the buzz, where technology meets innovation to revolutionize traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. The use of smartphones for mobile banking, investing services, and cryptocurrency are examples of technologies aiming to make financial services more accessible to the general public. 

    One such FinTech hub, The Floor, is at the cutting edge of this, and you can have the opportunity to intern there full time this summer.

    Join us for this brand new program; there is no better place to immerse yourself in the growing FinTech field than in the heart of the Start-up Nation.


  • Summer Research Program in the Sciences

    Join us for a unique 8-week program where you’ll experience science first-hand and become part of a research group at Tel Aviv University. You’ll be assigned to a variety of labs in the sciences under the supervision of an experienced scientist while serving as full-fledged members of the scientific team.

    The program will culminate with a Final Symposium where you’ll present your research findings to the rest of your group and faculty.

    Enroll now and discover why Israel is ranked 3rd in the world for the quality of its scientific research institutions.



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