Safety, Health and Wellness

The safety, health and well being of our TAU International students is our very highest priority. Information regarding safety, security, health and wellness is given to all international students at a mandatory student orientation session upon arrival to campus. In addition, this information is shared with students pre-arrival as a prominent section of our comprehensive Pre-Departure Handbook intended to prepare students for life in Israel and Tel Aviv. Students are encouraged to read this information very carefully and have it accessible during their stay in Tel Aviv. In addition, every student is provided with a Welcome Kit upon arrival listing the telephone numbers of all relevant personnel and campus offices (such as the TAU International Office staff), TAU Security contacts, instructions on medical care and emergencies, and the mobile numbers of the TAU International Student Life Team who can be contacted in case of any type of emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.


For more detailed information, please read carefully the TAU International Safety, Security, Health and Wellness Guidelines.


TAU International 24/7 Emergency Contact Information

If you need to contact a TAU International staff member in Tel Aviv in case of emergency, you can call us on the following emergency phone numbers. Please use office phone numbers during work hours.


In Case of Emergency in Israel During Office Hours -

TAU International Office, Carter Building 108

Open each day Sunday through Thursday*, 9:00am-3:00pm

Office Number: +972-(0)3-640-8118 (Ask for the Student Life Counselor on duty)

*Students will be notified of office closure for holidays in advance. In case of office closure, students should use the 24/7 Student Life contact information below in case of emergency.


In Case of Emergency in Israel Outside Office Hours -

Head of TAU International Student Life Team

24/7 Mobile: + 972-(52)-525-5137


TAU International New York Office Emergency Contact Information -

Students, Partners and Parents of U.S. University Students can use this information as needed. Please be aware that due to educational privacy laws, if you are calling on behalf of a student currently enrolled with TAU International we are restricted in what information can be shared regarding our students’ individual circumstances when it comes to health and safety.


Director of Admissions, TAU International New York

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST

Tel: (212) 742-9030, (800) 665-9828

After Hours Emergency Number: +1-973-919-5988



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