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Academic Calendar - Year 2021-2022


First Day of First Semester

Oct 10,2021

Student Union Activity - No Classes


Itzhak Rabin Memorial Ceremony 


Hannukah Vacation

Dec 5, 2021

Last Day of First Semester*

Jan 9, 2022

Open Day - No Classes- University Closed

Feb 4, 2022

First Day of Second Semester

Feb 20, 2022

Student Union Activity - No Classes 




Mar 17, 2022

Sunday Classes on Monday (Last Day of Classes Before Passover Vacation)

Apr 11, 2022

Passover Break - No Classes - University Closed

Apr 15-April 23, 2022

First Day after Passover break

Apr 24, 2022

Yom HaShoah Eve (Holocaust Remembrance) -  Campus closes at 19:00

Apr 27, 2022

Yom HaShoah Day (Holocaust Remembrance) -  No classes 12:00-13:00 (campus ceremony)

Apr 28, 2022

Yom Hazikaron Memorial Ceremony (Fallen Soldiers Memorial Day) -  No classes 12:00-13:00 (campus ceremony); Campus closes at 18:00

May 3, 2022

Memorial Day for Israel's Fallen Soldiers - No Classes - University Closed

May 4, 2022

Israel's Independence Day - No Classes - University Closed

May 5, 2022

Shavuot Holiday - No Classes - University Closed

June 6, 2022

TAU Student Day - No Class after 12:00


Last Day of Second Semester

June 10, 2022

First Day of Summer Semester

July 3, 2022


Please take into consideration that:


A.         Some programs/departments have different calendars. Thus, students may need to arrive earlier or leave later (depending on the courses that they take). It is the students' responsibility to check the dates of the courses they are registered for before arrival and arrange their stay accordingly.

B.         The general university calendar does not include the exam period. Please plan on staying an additional 3 weeks at the end of the semester to complete all academic assignments (in-class exams and any other assignments that require your physical presence/attendance at TAU).

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