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Objective of the Fellowship

The aim of the fellowship is to advance the fellow and to train them as a researcher, with the benefit of senior faculty member’s supervision, either in or out of academia. 


In special cases, depending on the committee’s approval, the University may accept fellows who:

  • Have completed their Doctoral degree at Tel Aviv University, on the condition that the fellowship will be conducted in a different unit, and that the supervisor is not related to the Doctoral’s research group, OR
  • Ask to conduct their fellowship in the same lab in which their Doctoral work was conducted, on the condition that the fellowship’s timeframe is no longer than one year.



A candidate for postdoctoral fellow status shall be any researcher who has been eligible for a third degree for a period not exceeding five years.


The Committee

The University Committee for postdoctoral fellows shall decide on the suitability of the candidate to be awarded the status of postdoctoral fellow in the University. The Committee shall be composed of the Vice Rector, Chairperson; Vice President of Research and Development; and one representative from each Faculty.


Rate and Duration of Scholarships

The rates of the granted scholarships by and through the University as well as the arrangements for their payment shall be determined by the University, which reserves the right to alter it, on a case by case basis, from time to time. The minimal scope for the scholarship for an Israeli fellow is 100%; for an international fellow, 150%. The minimal duration for the scholarship is one year with a minimum amount at 68,850 NIS. The minimal monthly amount for the scope of 100% is about 5,700 NIS.

The scholarship’s scope may be extended to 200%. In special cases, depending on the committee’s approval, the scholarship’s scope may be extended to 225%.


The scholarship shall be granted for one academic year. The Committee is entitled to decide to grant or to recommend granting the scholarship for an additional academic year, based on the fellow’s activity and achievements during the first year.


In exceptional cases, the Committee is entitled to decide to grant or to recommend granting the scholarship for a third year.



A fellow shall not engage in other employment during the period of the fellowship (either in the University or otherwise) and shall dedicate all their time and efforts to the fellowship for the entire period of the fellowship.

Notwithstanding the above, the fellow shall be entitled to engage in teaching at Tel Aviv University, for up to four hours per week during the academic year, and this in cases when such is required by the unit and approved by the Committee.

The teaching shall be compensated for in pay, as determined by University authorities.



At the end of every academic year, the advisor and the fellow shall present a short report of the fellow’s academic activity over the course of the year. The report shall include copies of scientific papers, regardless of whether they have been published or not.


Intellectual Property

The postdoctoral fellow shall be subject to all University regulations regarding intellectual property.


Documents and Rights

On the completion of the postdoctoral fellowship, the fellow shall be entitled to written certification attesting to participation in the program.


Bids for postdoctoral fellowships

Bids for postdoctoral fellowships are usually published once a year, on January/February to begin on October.


Requests for scholarships funded by the advisors can be submitted year-round (see Registration).



All applications and questions about the program should be directed to: Research students Section, Senate building, room 215.

Phone: 03-6408161

Fax: 03-6416226

Email: gilah@tauex.tau.ac.il or rayalipc@tauex.tau.ac.il



You may find additional useful information in our Student Handbook


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