About TAU International

Every year, TAU International attracts thousands of talented students from around the world. 

A global hub on campus, TAU International offers students with an eye-opening academic experience in English. With over 60 programs to choose from and a range of academic levels, TAU is a place where learning happens everywhere. Our programs are designed to empower our diverse student body with innovation, growth and non-stop discovery. 


Student life at TAU International extends beyond the classroom, where students can immerse themselves in a dynamic setting of Israeli and campus life. Curriculums are facilitated by Israel’s leading faculty and experts and are enhanced by hands-on workshops, professional internships and excursions throughout the country. There is also an on-campus student life team available for ongoing 24/7 support. This includes orientation on student arrival and extracurricular activities.





  1. Study at one of the world’s top innovation universities & engage with renowned faculty 

  2. Choose from + 60 English-led academic programs and degrees

  3. Adventure to the “Start-up Nation” and explore its rich history and heritage

  4. Live the non-stop Tel Aviv lifestyle of culture, innovation, and diversity

  5. Connect with a global network of students from +100 countries


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