Overview: Language Programs

Students who are ready to immerse themselves in the two main languages that comprise Israel as a country should look no further than our Hebrew and Arabic programs. These programs are open to students and professionals around the world.


Did you know that the Lowy International School offers many summer scholarships? We strongly encourage all students to check out our scholarships page for more details and instructions on how to apply. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to study in the summer in the heart of Tel Aviv.


*The programs will be operating on campus. Should anything change with regards to the Ministry of Health regulations, we will advise all of our students. Please note that all the current regulations, as of September 2021, state that ALL students who arrive in Israel must be vaccinated. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Arabic program & courses

(currently not offered)


Arabic is one of Israel’s official languages, with 1.7 million speakers here (about 20% of the population) and 420 million people worldwide who speak Arabic. Where better to study Arabic than in Israel?  Here, Arabic is spoken widely by Israeli Muslims, Christians, and Druze, as well as by Jews who came from Arab countries. 


As part of the Arabic program, you also visit the Arab-Israeli community, discover their culture, sample their foods,  all the while practicing your new language! At TAUi, you will learn Arabic and immerse yourself in the language during our fall and spring semester programs.


Intensive Academic English (B-2)


Our intensive academic English program is for those of you looking to ramp-up your English academic language skills prior to starting your undergraduate or graduate studies at TAU, or to receive B-2 certification. Join for intimate classes and challenging English-language classes, get rewarded with skills that you can take with you internationally.


Hebrew Ulpan programs & courses


(Open for Spring 2024, Summer 2024 sessions 1, 2 & 3)


Hebrew is one of the world’s oldest languages and one of Israel’s official languages (together with Arabic).  The revival of the Hebrew language is nothing short of a miracle, moving from a language of prayer to a spoken and written language used for everyday life in Israel, with 9 million native speakers worldwide.


It doesn't matter if you know zero Hebrew, can string a few words together, or even converse like a native, our Intensive Hebrew Ulpan has levels for all. So, KADIMA! Enroll now!


TAKA: Preparatory Program for Academic Hebrew


Can you read, speak, and write Hebrew at an Alef level (beginner level)?  Do you want to start or continue your education in Hebrew?


If you answered yes to these questions, then you can enroll in our TAKA Prep Program for Academic Hebrew. You'll immerse yourself in intensive preparation for academic studies taught in Hebrew. You'll perfect and polish your language skills to be able to continue to a Hebrew-taught course, program, degree, or Ph.D.


Yiddish Summer Program


Globally recognized as a program that truly brings the language to life, this Yiddish language summer course provides you with the essentials of this age-old language. Study the roots of this fascinating language and culture as you discover modern-day Tel Aviv at your doorstep. 



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