Equality and Diversity

Equality and diversity are strategic priorities for Tel Aviv University (TAU). The University is committed to its students, faculty members and staff regardless of background; and to a safe, comfortable and equitable learning and work environment for all.

Aligned with these efforts, the Lowy International School supports equality, inclusion and belonging for international students and for all people on campus. Below are some current initiatives and programs at TAU that promote equality and diversity.


The Equality and Diversity Commission

Appointed in 2021 by Prof. Ariel Porat, President of TAU, the Equality and Diversity Commission is reviewing all aspects of equality and diversity on campus to identify ways to strengthen both among TAU’s faculty, administration and student body.

The commission, led by Prof. Neta Ziv, TAU’s Vice-President for Equity, Diversity and Community, is focused on:

  • monitoring and evaluating existing activities
  • centralizing and encouraging the creation, promotion and operation of initiatives and activities
  • strengthening the culture of equality and diversity at the faculty and administration level
  • setting clearer University-wide policy on equality and diversity


Programs and Services

TAU offers a number of programs and supports that foster safe and caring environments among TAU’s diverse student population. These include:


  • The LGBTQ+ Allies group is a warm and welcoming community at TAU that meets regularly.


Racialized Communities

  • The Sawa Program helps Arab students at TAU thrive through ongoing mentorship, study groups, subsidized private tutoring, scholarships, dedicated staff and a support network.
  • The Periphery Program provides financial, academic, emotional, social and career support to outstanding students from marginalized communities underrepresented on campus.
  • The Admas Program, administered by the Dean of Students, provides scholarships and a support framework for Israeli-Ethiopian students on campus.




Religious Inclusion


Supports for Women

  • The Mentoring for Young Women Program, run through the Bob Shapell School of Social Work, provides rehabilitation and mentorship support for women from troubled backgrounds.
  • The ExactSHE Mentorship Program provides a support and advocacy network for women in STEM as they advance in their studies and careers.


Student Wellbeing

  • The Ruth and Allen Ziegler Dean of Student Services is TAU’s primary center for student welfare and provides a range of services, including a student hotline.
  • The Student Union is focused on enriching the lives of TAU students by providing a range of services, events and clubs, and by protecting the rights of students.





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