A transcript (also called an academic transcript, transcript of records, or record of studies) is an official document from the Lowy International School stating all courses you have taken at TAU, how many credits you've earned per course, and your final grades.

Transcripts issued by TAU take approximately 6-8 weeks to arrive by mail.  To order a physical copy of your official Lowy International transcript, please follow the instructions below. Please note that if you have any outstanding fines to Tel Aviv University, we are unable to release your official transcript until all fines are settled.


For Graduates of Study Abroad Programs (formerly called OSP), Summer, or Short Term Lowy International Programs

Following the completion of your study abroad or short term program, you are entitled to two official transcripts free of charge: one that can be sent to your home university and one that can be sent to you directly. Official transcripts can take approximately 6-8 weeks to arrive after the semester ends provided that you have filled out a Transcript Request Form which is emailed to all students at the end of their program. Please be sure to state your comprehensive address very clearly on the form.

If you need any additional official transcripts in future years, there is a charge of $25 each for non-express mailing and $50 express (assuming you are a post-1990 graduate – see table below in next section as the same prices and sending times apply). Students may order these official Lowy International transcripts online at any time.

The Lowy International School may be able to email a copy of your transcript to you. However, students should note that an email copy is considered unofficial but any receiving institution. If you would like an email copy, or you have any questions regarding your Study Abroad or Summer transcripts please email the Lowy International Study Abroad Academics Team at Please note that if you have any outstanding fines to Tel Aviv University, we are unable to release your official or unofficial (email) transcript until all fines are settled.


For Graduates of the MA in Middle Eastern History (MAMEH)

If you have graduated from the MA in Middle Eastern History, please email the Student Secretariat at to request your transcript.


Delivery Type

Pre-1990 Transcript Cost

Post-1990 Transcript Cost

Air-mail Transcript*



Express Transcript**



*Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

**Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery. Business days in Israel are Sunday–Thursday.


For Graduates of the TAU International BA, BSC, or MA/Graduate or PhD programs other than MAMEH

You MUST contact your degree program directly in order to order transcripts. Do NOT place an order on the Lowy International Portal for these.


For Graduates of regular TAU Degrees/Programs Taught in Hebrew

Graduates of TAU degrees/programs taught in Hebrew at the regular TAU university are not able to get transcripts from the Lowy International School, nor does the Lowy International School provide transcript translation to English from regular TAU transcripts which are printed in Hebrew. For any questions regarding transcripts from TAU (Hebrew) please be in touch directly with your previous department.


We wish all Lowy International alumni the best in your continued academic studies and professional careers!

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