Refund Policy

Notifications of withdrawal must be made in writing. Refunds are determined according to the date of our receipt of the written notice.

All refunds listed below are additional to the mandatory $500 cancellation fee.



  • Withdrawal prior to or on the first day of class: 100% of tuition minus confirmation fee and cancellation fee.

  • Withdrawal after the first day of class, but no later than five days after the beginning of classes: 50% of tuition minus confirmation fee and cancellation fee.

  • Thereafter (if enrolled for a single semester): no refund

  • Thereafter, with respect to Students enrolled for the entire academic year and who withdraw during the first  semester: second-semester tuition and summer semester tuition minus confirmation and cancellation fee.

  • Thereafter, with respect to Students enrolled for the entire academic year and who withdraw during the second or summer term: no refund.

  • Tuition assistance, grants, and scholarships provided by the Program and TAU are contingent on successful  completion of the course of studies.  Early withdrawal cancels the aforementioned funding and makes the Student  liable for the full tuition as covered in clauses above.

  • Students who have received federal loan disbursements before they withdraw will not receive any refunds and must contact the Department of Education if they want to return any of the funds.



  • Students will be charged for dormitory accommodations in full, unless they indicate they will be living off campus prior to their payment deadline as set by the Office of Academic Affairs.

  • Students leaving the dormitories after the beginning of the program will be charged the entire fee for the duration of the program.

  • TAU is not able to give any refunds for students who leave the dorms early.


Conditional Fees

  • Bank Fee – Bounced checks incur a $60 fee and cancellation of any payment plan.

  • Late payment of fees –  This incurs a USD100 fee for every 30 days passed the payment deadline and may lead to the cancellation of the Student's payment plan. Students in debt will be refrained from receiving TAU services (e.g registration for courses, grades, library access, and/or receiving TAU academic documents).

  • Cancellation Fee – A $500 fee is incurred if a student withdraws after the Office of Academic Affairs receives the Confirmation Form or if a withdrawal occurs after the first day of classes, whichever one comes first.

  • Collection Fees – Tel Aviv University may utilize the services of an attorney and/or collection agent to collect any amount past due, and you will be charged an additional amount equal to the cost of collection (approximately 33% of your outstanding balance) as well as any other fees incurred by Tel Aviv University.


Graduation/ Certification, Transcripts

TAU Student Remaining Fees

All debts, including tuition fees, accommodation debts, library debts, etc must be cleared before a student is permitted to register for his/her next year of study.



Examination results will not be published on MyTAU Student Grades, if a student has remaining debt to pay.

Tel Aviv University can provide  you of your grades over the phone or by email, or make a printout  on an empty page with your grades (This unofficial printout will not be signed or stamped).


Record of Studies

Students in debt will not be able to graduate or receive a certificate, transcript or official letter to verify their academic standing whilst an outstanding debt exist.

Current and former students due to receive a certificate or who have requested a transcript or official letter to verify their academic standing, must make full settlement of fees or other charges due to the University (and funds must have cleared) before a certificate transcript or official letter can be issued.

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