Visiting Students and Researchers

Visiting Students


Tel Aviv University (TAU) enables students from institutions around the world to conduct research as a Visiting Student at TAU for a period of maximum two years.

A Student Exchange Agreement is NOT required for this purpose, as long as the student completes the application process required by TAU and receives a letter of invitation from a faculty member at TAU who will act as his/her research supervisor during his/her stay.



All students will get relevant information and instructions regarding this issue while applying.


If you are interested in applying, please kindly follow the process below: Note that we ask that students start this process at least 3 months prior to arrival.

A-Please open a profile in the portal under the year "2021-2022" and the program "Visiting Research Fellows". Portal Link 

B-Please upload the documentation below to your portal application:

  1. Letter of invitation from TAU written by the host (the faculty member who will supervise your research) noting your period of stay (please indicate exact dates), your research topic and the name of the host department/faculty/research institute).

  2. Approval from the dean of the faculty/the head of the unit with the approved period of stay at TAU.

  3. Letter from the home university / organization, including expected student activities and estimated period of stay at TAU.

  4. Scanned copy of your student passport (must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival to Israel).

  5. Students/faculty members arriving at Tel Aviv University must be equipped with full medical and travel insurance that includes medical cover in the event of illness, accidents, or any other event that requires medical services. Such insurance must be arranged and paid by the student/faculty member and be suitable to his/her medical needs for the entire duration of the stay at Tel Aviv University, commencing from the date of departure in the home country until the subsequent return.

  6. Current photo, in JPG format (not smaller than 30KB).  

  7. Please ask your supervisor to process your application according to these instructions (Academic Visitor Directive). After successfully processing your application, the hosting department will need to sign this "Academic Visitor Directive Confirmation" for you to upload with your application. This form should also be uploaded on the portal. 


After gathering all the required documents as indicated above, please advise our offices that this process has been done so we can check your documentation. 


Once we have all required documentation, we will prepare an official acceptance letter. 

‚ÄčOne month prior to arrival please send us an email requesting to order a student card for you. 



The student's status at TAU will be “visiting student.” 

There will be no employer/employee relationship of any type between the visiting student and TAU.

TAU regulations regarding intellectual property (IP) will apply to the visiting student.

TAU will not be responsible for any expenses incurred during the visitor's stay in Israel. The visiting student must cover all of his/her staying expenses, including health and travel insurance. 


For any questions regarding the process, please do not hesitate to contact us:


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