International Admissions 2024/25 Now Open

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21 November 2023

The Lowy International School of Tel Aviv University is now accepting applications for degree programs for next year. In 2024/25, TAU will be offering four undergraduate and twenty graduate degrees taught entirely in English. International students are invited to choose from a variety of interdisciplinary fields, ranging from humanities to disaster management and sustainability.


Classes in most programs will begin in late October – early November 2024. This fall, while delaying the start of Hebrew programs due to the war, TAU successfully kicked off its international programs, reflecting the university's resilience and the determination of its diverse community to pursue academic goals.


"We take pride in our amazing management team, dedicated faculty, and resilient students who, despite the challenges of the ongoing war, successfully launched the program on schedule. They've gained firsthand experience in crisis management," — Prof. Jakie Goren, Head of the Sofaer Global MBA program


She adds: "Seeing international students here on campus is amazing and inspiring — it’s a true picture of winning. The students see our classes as a safe zone for everyone."


Sofaer Global MBA students with Prof. Goren, the head of the program


Some international students are not currently in Israel and several Israeli students have been recruited to their reserve military service. In such cases, the teaching is handled in a hybrid mode – in person in classes and to a Zoom audience at the same time, or through Zoom only. All classes are recorded, and all materials are uploaded to the TAU site to support the learning process.


"We are glad to share that all planned classes are taking place, 75% of the students are joining the classes and we are on the right track," comments Prof. Eviatar Matania, Head of the Cyber Politics and Government MA Program.


Suzanna Mesa Uribe arrived in Israel from Colombia at the beginning of November, two weeks after the start of classes in the Sofaer MBA program. For her, being in the classroom with other students is important so she was happy to switch from Zoom to in-person studies.


"I feel amazingly safe here." 


“I thought I would come to do a test run and in the first two days I decided that I am going to stay.”



Beyond the Classroom: Learning Through Social Action


Current events have effectively been incorporated into the learning experiences this year, with Disaster Management majors joining a hands-on session on first aid, or MBA students tackling wartime fake news during a hackathon. What is more, international students at TAU have started their own volunteer initiatives, contributing to university-wide efforts.


A meeting of the student task force


One of the most prominent student initiatives is a social media task force to combat misinformation online and oppose terror. Another initiative, Operation Manna, aims to raise funds to buy essential supplies for evacuated and affected families. Many international students also volunteer at the farms to help farmers from the south of the country, donate blood, and meet with affected Israeli families on and off campus to offer their support and solidarity.


Through these activities, students gain a unique experience of community involvement and valuable additions to their portfolios and professional skill sets.



Building a Community on Campus


Students also have a chance to engage in any of the numerous events led by the Lowy student life team, who are in the dorms around the clock to ensure that international students feel at ease at the university. 


"There are a lot of activities organized by students themselves but also by student life teams – they are constantly in touch with us through authorized WhatsApp groups and emails, checking upon us and welcoming us to visit them at the university if we need anything or just to talk over a coffee. They have been helpful and nice," comments Dhanashree Mundhe, a PostDoc from India.



Stand Together. Discover Together. Study Together


In these challenging times, considering a study opportunity at TAU is more than an academic pursuit; it becomes a statement of solidarity. Choosing to study in Israel stands as a symbolic act of support, countering the rising tide of antisemitism worldwide. TAU encourages prospective students to join a community that values diversity and the pursuit of knowledge in the face of adversity.


"While it has been a very challenging time for us, we have never been more committed to providing students from around the world a first-class education. Together, we will not only prevail but excel." — Maureen Meyer Adiri, the Director of the Lowy International School


As applications open, Tel Aviv University invites aspiring students from around the globe to be part of an academic journey that transcends challenges and cultivates resilience, empathy, and global citizenship.


Prospective students can visit the official website to explore programs, application details, and the opportunities awaiting them at Tel Aviv University.


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