Students Call for Peace

An Open Letter Written by the TAU International Students Task Force

We are students from all over the world who believe in democratic values and freedom, and the right of a nation to defend itself against barbaric attacks, like the one witnessed on October 7, 2023. For this reason, we want to express our solidarity with Israel, the only democratic state in the Middle East, and with all the innocent people who have suffered and are still suffering under the inhumane terror of Hamas. October 7, 2023 leaves a black mark not only on the history of Israel, but on the history of humanity.


In these dark hours, our thoughts are with

  • the people who have so cruelly lost their lives since October 7,

  • the grieving families and friends,

  • the innocent men and women and, especially, children and babies, who are still being held hostage in Gaza,

  • the millions of innocent Palestinians who are themselves suffering under the regime of Hamas, and, 

  • the Israeli soldiers who are sacrificing their own lives at this very moment to defend their country and protect their brothers and sisters.

We condemn

  • the rise of antisemitism and the relativization of terror against Israel, and express in the clearest terms our responsibility and obligation to protect Jewish life from the antisemitic attacks that have increased worldwide since October 7,

  • the rise of any other form of hate speech or incitement that dehumanizes individuals based on their ethnic, religious or racial identity, and,

  • the spread of false information that incites hatred and violence not only against the state of Israel and Jewish life, but also against innocent civilians in Gaza.


We are concerned about our future and the future of our children. We firmly believe that every human being deserves to grow up and live in a peaceful world without terror and hatred. 


As we hope for better times, we cannot and will not remain silent. These commitments are more than just words; they are a promise to ourselves and to future generations. We will not stand by silently as history repeats itself and we will not remain indifferent to evil.


We hereby encourage everyone to raise their voices against the cruel attacks by Hamas, and to stand up against the increasing attacks on Jews worldwide


We are calling on all universities around the world to take a stand against antisemitism, hatred, and incitement on their campuses, and to step up to protect their Jewish students.


We call on the United Nations and the International Red Cross to work for the immediate release of the innocent hostages still held by Hamas in Gaza. 


If you are a student and agree, use your voice and sign this letter to stand up against terror and hate.

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