Reflecting on India Week

Read about the impact India Week left on campus between March 20 to 28th.

05 April 2022

India Week? More like India TWO Weeks! 


Yes, yes, the festivities ended up stretching for longer than just five days... But it was to the benefit of the wonderful spirit that the events brought to campus. Colors were clearer and the tastes were stronger! 


One of the oldest civilizations in the world, India is a mosaic of multicultural experiences and now the world’s fastest growing major economy. This year marks 30 years of diplomatic relations between India and Israel, giving all the more reason to celebrate this vibrant and dynamic country.


The weather was turning this late March in Israel. Everybody on campus was in anticipation of sunnier skies. While the last rains were covering campus, the vibrant culture of India made an impact with India International Week between the dates of March 18th to the 28th, 2022. 


Neon Times


One of the most exciting parts of India Week was the actual ability to give our academic sanctuary here in Tel Aviv a look into what adventure and exciting celebration is like for many across the world.


During India Week, there were two whole upbeat events. What else could we have started our exploration of India with other than a huge HOLI party? This holiday is actually also referred to as the Festival of Love, Spring, or Colors. Electric-tinted powders decorated not only the Carter Balcony, but also the faces of excited students who were both ready to get the feel of Mumbai streets or remember what it’s like to celebrate with family back home. 


Holi on the Carter Balcony


Learning Moments


There is a great curiosity on campus to learn about the culture and history of India and its citizens. After all, Many TAU community members have come in contact with Indian culture in the past. Hundreds of young Israelis flock to the country after their army service, getting a taste of life in a place that is so different from home.


India Week provided TAU community members the chance to explore the intricacy of India’s daily life. Lecture guests were able to ask questions about religious, political, economic and urban life in the uber-diverse country at different dialogue-creating events. Participants could engage with Indian art, hands-on at the virtual art workshop on Gond paintings, a form of painting from folk and tribal art in India. Even more so, there was a constant presence of Indian food throughout which allowed for visitors to get the greatest vision into a true Indian experience.


Yoga event on campus


Finding the Center


Beyond connecting to the details of Indian culture, India Week participants were able to tap into the most meaningful and spiritual parts of this experience, and in the end, learn more about themselves. 


After Holi happened on Friday, those interested took the weekend to recharge and come back refreshed and ready for a yoga lesson as the sun set. An expert yogi led the course and brought some exercises to the Carter Building balcony which allowed for perfect peace and reflection. 


To sandwich the week with meaning, the end of the events included times were students and staff could connect with each other through music and dance, like at the Bollywood dance workshop and party, as well as link their minds to India aesthetics at the food market. Jaspreet Ishar and Param Gandhi, Ron ‘Spatch’ Cohen Trio, and Gaya Ji all performed various and authentic Indian music. Though the delicious dishes definitely helped elevate spirits, the tunes themselves elevated and warmed souls listening and enjoying the warm sun that very day. 


Student smiles at the Indian Food Market


There were tons of events which occurred at the end of March to celebrate 30 years of diplomatic relations and strengthening ties between India and Israel. To read the full line up of what went on campus, click here. Such a journey allows us to prepare for an exciting new chapter, stay tuned for Mexico Week in May

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