Get Ready for Brazil Week

Brazil International Week is less than a few days away. Read about all of the plans for this exciting week-long party!

16 February 2022

With spring around the corner, so are thousands of students from abroad who either return to classes or start their journeys anew. After all, TAU International is home to over 2000 International students from more than 100 countries. Each country that the students come from play a large role in the inner workings of the University.


We are excited to announce the continuation of International Week on campus. This time, we’re “flying” to a country across the world with flip flops and carnival gear in tow: Brazil! From February 20th to 24th, Brazil International Week will be celebrated on campus with an unforgettable array of events! Keep reading to find out more about our Brazil Week plans!


Carnival Kick Off


The very first day of festivities on Sunday will begin in the evening, with a Brazilian bash on the Carter building’s balcony (across from the ANU museum), starting at 18:00. Everyone is invited to partake in Brazilian sweets, drinks, and lots of dancing. Register here.


Tune into our Brazil Week Spotify playlist to start practicing your dance moves!


Come Monday


There is much to discuss when it comes to the Brazilian way of life. On Monday, February 21st, TAU International is excited to present two thoughtful events that will allow listeners to absorb the dreams and dramas of Brazilian experiences.


In the afternoon, there will be a discussion on Brazil’s handling of climate change and sustainability. After all, almost 60% of Brazil’s area is covered in rainforest. Nature and humanity's use of it take up a huge portion of Brazil's worries. In this panel discussion, researchers from across faculties will discuss environmental challenges in Brazil. Tel Aviv University’s Climate Crisis Initiative, Planet Zero, and researchers from the Life Sciences and Environmental Studies departments will be heading the discussion. 


Sign up for a cinematic event later in the evening - a screening of Central do Brasil (1998). This journey to the heart of brazil will be made through various TAU historians and lecturers and TAU’s very own, Andre Chusyd. Andre is TAUi’s LATAM Outreach Coordinator and alum. Especially for Brazil Week, he will be on campus to add his take on things as a Brazilian and seasoned TAU voice. 


Tuesday’s Turn


February 22nd is set out to be one of the wildest days on campus. After all, the long-awaited Carnival will be active all day in front of the Sourasky library. There, you’ll be able to find unique treats and amazing live music. Dance your heart out and samba your shoes off. The party is sure to be unforgettable. 



In the evening hours, all are welcome to attend a global Entrepreneurship panel in the spirit of TAU innovation. Brazil and Israel both serve as nations  Brazilian and Israeli business ties will be discussed, as well as the future of our nations’ economic collaborations. 


Wednesday Wonders


February 23rd, 2022 is jam-packed with momentous meetings on campus. Brazilian culture is rooted deep both in the land, the people, and the sports! Everybody is invited to go from a botanical garden tour on campus in the morning, to a football tournament amongst students, to an interesting panel on the impact of football in Brazil, ending the day watching a Facebook livestream of an Israeli-Brazilian student meetup and Q&A


With Wednesday, we expect for our community to connect in the most Brazilian of ways. 


Thursday’s Time


Though we are itching to experience the whole week of Brazil events, Thursday will be a bit bittersweet as it is the last day!


On the last day of TAU festivities, expect to experience a Portuguese learning event, where you can catch on to the most useful phrases for connecting with Brazilians both in Brazil and in Israel! Then, find yourself learning about how the Middle East can be found in Brazil, and how Brazil can be found in our region through the history of food and culture! Our two countries have more in common than you may think.


Internationalization Now


December’s German International Week made a tremendous impact on the entire institution, not only with the exciting events, but also with the furthered connections made with both country representatives and diverse student life. 


Tel Aviv University is tackling Internationalization throughout campus head on, putting the basis of our philosophy to the test. As such, TAUi, in collaboration with the Student Union, has organized spirited International Weeks throughout the year. Brazil International Week is another chapter we can’t wait for in this amazing international journey. 


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