M.Sc. Engineering

The School of Electrical Engineering at TAU is the largest of its kind in Israel and offers a full academic path to studying engineering entirely in English from undergraduate (B.Sc.) to graduate (M.Sc.) and on to Ph.D / Post-Doc. With a focus on prominent research areas such as micro and nano- technologies, optical communication, devices, information theory, image processing, plasma science and more, our engineering students are involved in cutting-edge learning and innovation, led by a faculty that strives to combine academia and Hi-Tech from within the classroom.


The School of Mechanical Engineering has its hands in nanotechnology, robotics, alternative energy sources and Bio-engineering. A degree in environmental engineering is also offered through this School. The Department of Industrial Engineering is starting to lead the way with decision theory, information technologies, and computerized manufacturing systems. The Department of Biomedical Engineering is quickly growing with its research in biofluids and biomechanics, vision, hearing, sensory communication and more. The Department of Material Science and Engineering is our latest addition with quality work in material science, biomaterials, composite materials and more.


The School of Electrical Engineering

Environmental Engineering

The School of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Industrial Engineering

The Department of Biomedical Engineering

The Department of Material Science and Engineering



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