The Eternal Flame of TAUism

Shedding light on the last day of Hannukah through our local philosophy

05 December 2021

Hannukah is the holiday of light, where we gather around as a community to commemorate our shared history and achievements. The lights of the candles shine onto the faces of those with us and illuminate their paths. 


Tel Aviv University International’s journey is, of course, a unique one that is marked by a one-of-a-kind philosophy: TAUism. 


Students, faculty, and staff work side by side to cultivate a culture of success and innovation. The entrepreneurial spirit that exists in our neck of the woods is wholly a product of the best way to function.



Especially on the last day of Hannukah, when all of the candles are lit, it becomes easiest to see that the ways in which our network collaborates contributes to an empowering experience. 


Hearing From Our Own


True dedication to our local philosophy is what makes Tel Aviv University shine. So, we decided to get some of TAU International’s team members, those who hold our organization’s structure in their hands, to see how they can explain TAUism in their own words.


Maggie Cumby, Admissions and Marketing Director of the Parasol Foundation LL.M Program sees things quite clearly, stressing that multi-culturalism is the basis of TAU’s trajectory today.


“TAUism is whatever you make it. In the law faculty, for example, a TAUism is taking a contemporary approach to law in one of the most traditional regions of the world. Building new concepts from old ways. 


An international student at the Buchmann Faculty of Law lives and studies each day in a different culture. Not only having to apply their knowledge and push their point in the classroom but also having to adapt to a new way of living in the city of Tel Aviv. Embracing TAUism is bringing your own identity and values into the classroom while allowing others to do so as well. With this approach, everyone is simultaneously learning and teaching—teaching their own culture, laws, society, while also learning others’ experiences.”


Tel Aviv University hosts over 2,000 International students, and that means there are over 2,000 different worldviews and histories that make our story what it is



Lights On


The span of our academic reach goes far. So far that even our Outreach Coordinator in Brazil, Andre Chusyd, has something to say about TAUism and Hannukah intermeshing. 


“Hannukah celebrates a miracle. It is a Jewish tradition to light, day after day, candles in the “Hannukia”, each day with a brighter light. TAUism believes that knowledge is acquired in the very same way: Nurturing an idea in your head is the primordial flame (the “Shamash”), the one that lightens up all others, and such a spark starts at home - wherever in the world you are.


TAUism believes that while you understand with your head, you actually learn with your feet. Once on campus, true magic happens as you walk around the campus and connect with the entire place. From students to professors, or coordinators and staff members… Everyone is a potential peer, a potential partner, a potential teacher, a potential student.


See, TAUism believes that everyone's “flame is burning” on campus, you never know who you are going to meet to make that flame into a bonfire.” 


It’s easy to connect with bright and like-minded individuals that fill up our classrooms. It often happens that when visionaries meet, at the right place and the right time, anything becomes possible.


By creating the perfect environment for collaboration, TAU has been able to get to the global leaderboard regarding research and impact


The Year Ahead


Tel Aviv University's local philosophy has always existed on campus as TAUism is a deep-rooted mentality in the ways of our people.


By having a shared frame of mind, nothing feels impossible - no matter how challenging the times may be. Looking beyond the light, it's possible to sense that even more impressive achievements are waiting for us.  


Spreading the word about what University students, researchers, and staff are up to is one thing... But doing so with your own experiences is another!


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