Parasol Foundation International LL.M. Program

Parasol Foundation International LL.M. Program

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Program Length: 3 semesters (10 months)

Language of Instruction: English

Tuition: $21,000 

Admission Requirements: To be considered for the LL.M. program, an applicant must have an LL.B., JD or Bachelor of Laws degree. Students who are in their final year of studies are encouraged to apply. Rolling addmissions

Application Deadline: July 15, 2019

The Parasol Foundation International LL.M. Program at Tel Aviv University attracts outstanding law students to study and collaborate with Israel's elite legal academia, students and legal professionals.

Through a wide range of classes taught by world-renowned professors, international students have the opportunity to study for their advanced academic law degree at Israel's leading law faculty.

The rigorous academic curriculum is based on innovative approaches to legal theory, providing law students analytical tools and skills to engage in serious academic research and practical insights. More than 50 classes, taught entirely in English, explore contemporary challenges to law that stem from processes of globalization, the Israeli legal and social systems, the complexities of the Middle East region and the technological and entrepreneurial dynamism of the "Start-up Nation." The 10-month program provides numerous opportunities for networking and professional development. LL.M. candidates will be eligible to apply for conditional admittance to the PhD Program at the Faculty of Law, following the successful completion of the LL.M. degree.

*Ranked #1 in Israel and #1 outside the US and UK, Tel Aviv University's Faculty of Law has the greatest scientific research impact factor and highest citations per paper (2013 QS World University Rankings).

Substantial fellowships will be offered to promising candidates according to needs and academic qualifications, and in order to promote diversity. Contact Ms. Pamela Waijman at for further details.



Testimony from a Brazilian student in the Parasol Foundation International LL.M. Program at Tel Aviv University:


Sarah B.R. Montreal, Canada Class of 2014 "I really valued the intellectual rigour of the class discussions  in the faculty seminars and workshops. Having the opportunity to discuss issues of contemporary significance while reviewing cutting-edge research with Israeli and international scholars at the masters and doctoral level was something new for me. I learned how to engage directly with scholars and provide constructive feedback in real time…I appreciated the condensed mini-semester at the beginning of the year during which time a strong sense of community among the International LL.M. students was created."

Lisa S.C.
Washington, D.C., USA
Class of 2014
"The LLM has been academically rigorous, and people feel challenged and that they’re getting a lot out of it. The other students are quite bright, and people come well-prepared for class discussion. Everyone draws on a lot of their own personal backgrounds when discussing certain topics, which means that the classes are always interesting and there is a lot of dialogue. The professors have been really good – they’re from all over the world and have amazing credentials.
Reika S.
Kyoto, Japan
Class of 2014
“I am sure I will never regret having chosen Israel instead of the US or England as the place to pursue my Master’s degree. The professors kindly offer us the opportunity to mingle with professionals in our fields of interest through which we establish international networks for our legal careers.” 
Tammy P.
Santiago, Chile
Class of 2014
"Studying a Master in Law is more than going to classes and studying in the library. Its about a whole new experience - an enriching experience in professional, cultural, social and personal spheres. TAU Law fulfilled my requirements to the fullest."
Stephanie W.B.
Munich, Germany
Class of 2015
"TAU is the perfect combination: A well-ranked university with a  great LL.M. program in a beautiful city with amazing beaches and lots of nightlife. Set in an absolutely interesting country which invites you to explore it during your semester breaks…hard to top!"
Jessica L.
Paris, France
Class of 2015
"Tel Aviv's daily life with open-minded people is the perfect place to learn more about human rights."
Robb L.
Seattle, USA
Class of 2015
"I considered American LLM programs, but I was unable to find a program that had such a wealth of course offerings analyzing comparative relationships between state and religion as TAU's LLM program."


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