Internships in Israel: Transformative Experience

International students share their stories of interning at Israeli companies during the summer

10 July 2024


From high-tech and venture capital to recovery homes, Israel offers a unique environment for interns to gain hands-on experience in their field of interest. This summer, Tel Aviv University's Lowy International School welcomed international students for an eight-week internship. Students' accounts highlight transformative experiences, personal growth, challenges, and valuable lessons. 



Mark Leaf, Syracuse University: At the Heart of Technological Innovation


"I chose to intern as a software engineer in Israel because it offered a unique environment where I could work without judgment. Israel, the modern center of technology, startups, and inventions, was the perfect place for my first internship experience, which has been outstanding so far."



"The team I work with comprises industry professionals, and I learn from their expertise daily."


"The challenging environment keeps me constantly learning and growing. My initial fear of spending time on meaningless tasks was unfounded. Instead, I’m developing a new software feature, and seeing my work come to life is incredibly rewarding."


"My voice is heard, my actions are meaningful, and my time is spent wisely."


"During my internship, I learned how large corporations cooperate and communicate, how workflows are built and maintained for efficiency, how to be agile yet responsible, and how to be a valuable team member. I am grateful to each team member for their friendly approach, mentorship, and guidance."



Ben Mizrahi, TAU Dual Degree with Columbia University: Embracing Venture Capital in a Time of Change


"Being accepted into the venture capital firm's Corporate Investments Investor Relations branch has been an unforgettable experience. This internship was unique because it allowed me to contribute to projects partnered with international governments and source international LPs to invest in Israeli startups. This work is particularly significant during such a challenging time for Israel. 



Working under the guidance of the Managing Director was an honor, and his professionalism, empathy, and vast industry expertise were genuinely inspiring. My experience was welcoming, professional, dynamic, and meaningful."


"I learned the importance of having an ever-growing appetite for knowledge and development, the value of hard work and consistency, and the significance of empathy and building genuine relationships."


"From conversations with the Managing Director to client meetings and investor decks, I understood what being a successful venture capital firm means. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity and the lessons it has taught me."



Sarah Kratka, Brandeis University: Nurturing and Responsibility in a Recovery Home


"I work at a recovery home, which is a home for women over the age of 18 with eating disorders. I was placed here because of my interest in nutrition, and as a public health and psychology major, it fit perfectly.



My experience has been very positive although, initially, I struggled with how tough it was to be with the patients and my limited Hebrew skills. The nature of their disease makes them manipulative, even if unintentionally, so I had to put on a solid front. Despite these challenges, I learned to be kind yet firm with them.


I've been given many responsibilities, such as cooking and plating meals for the patients. Sometimes, I get pushback, but the experience has been positive overall."


"I’ve learned the importance of kindness and resilience in a challenging environment."


"I check medicines and meal plans, personalizing care for each patient. Once I check on personal needs, I prepare individualized meals such as chicken and other nursing food."


"I get to talk to patients, and join in on different types of therapies, like animal and talk therapy."



Alex Nunez, University of Central Florida, and Zoe Bayewitz, Maryland University: Gaining Professional Experience in Israel


"The decision to pursue an internship at a professional office in Israel was driven by the desire to gain real-world experience. One of the primary reasons for picking this internship was the opportunity to work in an office environment. This experience has allowed us to navigate office dynamics and enhance specific skills, particularly in graphic design, copyediting, and working with software like Microsoft Excel.



The office culture in Israel is notably more relaxed: this atmosphere, coupled with a highly supportive staff, created an ideal environment for growth and development."


"For anyone looking to gain professional experience in a supportive and flexible environment, it is highly recommended to seek out an internship in Israel."



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Text by the Lowy International School's Marketing Intern, Liyah Rozett

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