Health Insurance

Health Insurance

When studying at TAU, your welfare is of paramount concern to us. As such, TAU International arranges Israeli health insurance for students enrolled in its international programs; in such cases the insurance is included in your program tuition fees.

If you are an international student at TAU not enrolled in an International program you must obtain a medical insurance policy valid for the entire duration of your stay in Israel and in the program. It is your sole responsibility to make sure that you and your family are covered, this is also a legal demand by Israel Ministry of interior for any Visa applicant. TAU International is happy to provide you with the local medical insurance (described hereunder). Please note, that we can only provide coverage for TAU students (not their families).

Israeli Health Insurance

The TAU International insurance policy is a basic health insurance plan that covers treatment within the state of Israel by a large selection of private, English-speaking doctors. It also covers hospitalization in public hospitals. A summary of the coverage follows below.

Coverage includes the degree, Ulpan and semester/summer programs as well as all vacation days. This insurance provides coverage only while you are in Israel. Optional health insurance coverage is offered for travel outside Israel for an additional fee. You may purchase the additional coverage directly from an insurance agent in Israel.

As part of admission we ask you to download the Health Declaration Form here, scan the signed form and upload it to your application online.

CLAL Insurance Group: Kupat Holim Clalit

Kupat Holim Clalit, a part of the CLAL Insurance Group, is the health insurance provider for international students at TAU International. Kupat Holim Clalit was chosen as our service provider as they own the largest number of clinics, hospitals, laboratories, imaging institutes, and pharmacies in the country, and employ many of the country’s finest doctors.


Policy Outline

Principal coverage in Israel:

Medical costs up to $100,000, including:

  • Hospitalization with no limitation up to the above amount

  • Emergency room care

  • Ambulance transport in an emergency situation or by a doctor’s referral or approval by the service center

  • Prescriptions with no limitation, within the framework below, up to the above amount. Medication can be prescribed by Kupat Holim Clalit physicians and/or house-call doctors and purchased through Kupat Holim Clalit pharmacies. When purchasing medication, you will be required to present the original prescription and your magnetic card.

  • Compensation for costs associated with visits to non-Kupat Holim Clalit doctors up to $35 (USD)

  • Laboratory testing

  • Diagnostic services

  • Visits to general practitioners or specialists

  • Surgery with a private surgeon up to $3,000 (USD)

  • Emergency dental care – up to $500 (USD) at Clalit Smile clinics

  • Non-emergency dental treatment – 15% reduction from sick fund rates

  • Personal accident – up to $10,000 (USD)

  • Transfer of deceased – full coverage

  • Expenses related to the insured’s air travel from Israel back to the insured’s country of origin due to a medical condition – full coverage

  • Cab fare to emergency ward – with service center approval

  • Doctor's house calls will be coordinated with the service center when necessary

***The insurer’s obligations are under the policy’s full terms only***

Full insurance policy (pdf)


Non-Israeli Health Insurance

TAU strongly recommends that students arrange for comprehensive health insurance from their home countries in addition to the TAU insurance; in the event that a medical need arises that is excluded by the policy, such as a pre-existing condition, your home insurance may enable you to recover those funds. Make sure that your insurance coverage is effective in the Middle East and Europe, in the event that you travel abroad either during or after your program at TAU.


Vaccination Regulations

Current regulations do not require vaccinations for travel to Israel from most countries, including the US. Please check with the national health agency in your country to find out if any specific vaccinations are recommended.

Health Information for Travelers to Israel – US Center for Disease Control



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