About Health Insurance in Israel

Why is Health Insurance Important?

As an international visitor, it's important to prioritize your studies or work while also taking care of your health. Health insurance is an essential investment that can provide you with access to medical care without worrying about the high cost of medical expenses.

It's crucial to remember that unexpected health concerns can arise at any time and negatively impact your well-being and academic work if left unaddressed. Therefore, purchasing health insurance can help you stay healthy and set yourself up for success, both academically and personally.


The Israeli Healthcare System

The healthcare system in Israel operates on a National Health Insurance model, with Israeli residents required to be insured by one of four authorized Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), known as “Kupot Holim” (singular: Kupat Holim). These non-profit organizations are government-regulated and provide comprehensive health services to all residents. The system is funded by government subsidies and individual income-based premiums.

However, internationals who are not Israeli residents, for example, students and researchers, are required to obtain private health insurance. They can still receive medical treatment from Kupot Holim, but they must pay for services out-of-pocket.


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