Pledge of Support and Solidarity from TAU School of Medicine’s American Program Alumni

"We are here for you just as you were for us"

Our community has been in a tailspin since learning of the heinous, sadistic, and barbaric atrocities committed by Hamas. These acts, perpetrated against innocent civilians, have shaken us to our core. We recognize that Israel needs to defend her people, and that war is an unfortunate reality.


While we are not soldiers, we are well-trained experts in our respective fields. We would like to offer these skills in order to contribute in meaningful ways, in an effort to repay the debt of gratitude we owe you.


Israel is where we learned to be healers. We studied how to care for those in their most vulnerable state, at the worst moments of their lives. Tel Aviv University is our alma mater, and we are proud to be a part of your legacy. Your world-class institutions, renowned hospitals, and esteemed physicians trained us.


You allowed us to actualize our dreams of becoming physicians, and imparted to us the value of life and the importance of its preservation. We who have dedicated our careers to enhancing the well-being of others see this opportunity to support you as the only possible response.


We, the undersigned, are committed to your well-being, to returning to our roots, to our wards, and to our people. We are here for you just as you were for us. It would be an honor and a privilege to serve you. We have taken the steps to enroll in the Ministry of Health’s database of medical volunteers. We await the call.




Josh Younger, MD, Class of 2009, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Anesthesiology Ariel Benor, M.D., Class of 2016, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Joshua M. Morris, MD, Class of 2018, Obstetrics and Gynecology -Reproductive Endocrinology Jessica Harroche, MD., Class 2010, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Urogynecology
Martin A. Jacobson, MD, Class of 2009, Anesthesiology Jessica Barenboim MD, Class of 2016
Daniel Rothstein MD, Class of 2011, Anesthesiology Gail Gutman, MD, Class of 2018, Adolescent Medicine
Daniel Shifteh, MD, Class of 2008 Ryan Shapin, MD, Class of 2007 Emergency Medicine
Amanda Eis, MD, Class of 2007, Emergency Medicine Deborah Friedman, MD, Class of 2007 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Eitan Burstein, MD, Class of 2012, Ophthalmology Robert Goldman, MD, Class of 1994, Pediatrics/ Allergy & Immunology
Etai Adam, MD, Class of 2010, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Svetlana Fischer, MD, Class of 2011, Internal Medicine
Joseph Wahba, MD, Class of 1990, Pediatrics Joseph Hadi, MD, Class of 2008, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation /Pain Medicine
Stuart Kilstein, MD, Class 1982 David Kuppersmith, MD, Class of 2012, Internal Medicine
Michael Levin MD, Class of 2011. Urologic Oncology Ahna Blutreich MD, Class of 2003 Pathology
Nina Jacobson, MD, Class of 2009, Obstetrics and Gynecology -Urogynecology Meital Barzideh, MD, Class of 2009, Pediatrics
Rachel Bier, MD, Class of 2009, Endocrinology Osnat Shmueli, MD, Class of 2011, Family Medicine
Zachary Cohen, MD, Class of 2022 Alex Cutler, MD, Class of 2009, Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatry
May-tal Sauerbrun-Cutler, MD, Class of 2010, Obstetrics and Gynecology -Reproductive Endocrinology Oranit Shaked, MD, Class of 2002, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Kyle Glithero, MD, Class of 2011, Pediatric Surgeon Naomi Dreisinger, MD, Class of 1995, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Jacob Rastegar, MD, Class of 1999 Ob/Gyn Jason Kreiner, MD, Class of 2009, Anesthesiology
Orly Coblens, MD, Class of 2011, Otolaryngology Jay Feldman, MD, Class of 2010, Emergency Medicine
Brad Goldberg, MD, Class of 2013, Pediatric Emergency & Disaster Medicine Devra Gutfreund, MD, Class of 2007, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Jared Friedman, MD Class of 2011, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Erica Walters, MD, Class of 2010, Emergency Medicine
Sam Setareh, MD, FACC, Class of 2015, Cardiology Jordan Klein, MD, Class of 2012 Physiatry
Jason Levitz, MD, Class of 1999 Hematology/Oncology Annie Rosenberg Sarid, MD, Class of 2010, Emergency Medicine
Edan Sarid, MD, Class of 2008, General Pediatrics, and Allergy & Immunology Moshe Shirazi, MD Class of 1993, Internal Medicine
Jessica Beyda, MD, Class of 2009, Pathology Michael Harris MD, Class of 2012, Pediatrics
Jessica Abramowitz MD, Class of 2009, Endocrinology Alexander Kaminsky MD MPH, Class of 2010, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Sharon Neeman MD, Class of 2009, Psychiatry Barry Diner, MD MPH, Class of 1995, Emergency Medicine
Gabriel Mandel, MD, Class of 2019, Pediatrics Jennifer (Polin) Grossman, MD, Class of 2012, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Alan Kaplan, MD, MBA, Class of 2010, Urology Erica Cohen, MD, Class of 2010, Gastroenterology
Jonathan Siegal MD, Class of 2004, Emergency Medicine Desmond McGuire, MD, Class of 1997, Ophthalmology-Retina
Marc Murinson MD, Class of 2016, Pediatric Anesthesiologist Naomi Ufberg, MD, MPH Class of 2010, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Marc Cohen MS, MD, Class of 2013, Anesthesia & Interventional Pain Eli Simsolo, MD, Class of 2017, Cardiology/Electrophysiology
Amira Bobrov, MD, Class of 2017, Pediatrics Tamar Heisler, MD, Class of 2008, Pediatrics
Daniel Loren, MD, Class of 2010 Anesthesiology/Pain Management Joel Wertheimer, MD, Class of 1995
Deborah Arbit, MD, Class of 1987 Avi Fischer, MD, Class of 1995
Matthew Harris, MD Class of 2010 Shlomo Tendler, MD Class of 2015
Smadar Kort MD, Class of 1993 Sivan Ben-Moshe, MD, Class of 2010
Jordana Boneh, MD, Class of 2012, Pediatrics Joseph Mizrahi, MD, MPH, class of 2017, Gastroenterology
Fred Fefer, MD, MHA, class of 1990, Cardiology Ami Ben-Artzi, MD, class of 2001, Rheumatology
Manish A. Shaha, MD, Class of 2016 Matan Paret, MD, Class of 2017
Lucille Uber, MD, Class of 2015, Pediatrics and Obesity Medicine Lesley Naliboff, MD, Class of 2014
Lori Schoenbrun, MD, Class of 2015 Avivit Fuchs, MD, Class of 2002
Laurel Sofer, MD, Class of 2014 Naomi Goloff, MD, Class of 2008, Pediatric Palliative Medicine
Evan Kessler, MD, Class of 2014, General and Vascular Surgery Chana Richter, MD, Class of 2017 Pediatrics
Jason Perlmutter, MD, 2020, Internal Medicine Vivian Mishan, MD, Class of 2005, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Aviva Goldman, MD, Class 2002 Psychiatry Marina Rubin, MD, Class of 2014, Peds Emergency Medicine
Shana Neumann, MD, Class of 2017 Ashley Zilberstein, MD, Class of 2017, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics & Pediatric Dermatology
Netanel Zilberstein, MD Class of 2017, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Mike Rubin, MD Class of 2010, Emergency Medicine/ Disaster Medicine
David Holland, MD, Class of 1998 Doron Korinow, MD, Class of 2009, Emergency Medicine
Ian Cohen, MD, Class of 2010, Gastroenterology Judah Kupferman, MD, Class of 2020, Internal Medicine
Jeremy Grossman, MD, Class of 2019, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Shlomo Tendler MD, Class of 2015, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Aharon Wolf MD, Class 2007 Sally Bogoch, MD, Class of 2012, Emergency Medicine
Alex Halpern MD, Class of 2021, General Surgery Scott Morris MD, Class of 1990, Cardiology
Lisa Pinchover MD, Class of 2018, Anesthesiology Olivia Joly MD, Class of 2007, Psychiatry
Adam Lipschultz MD, Class of 2017, Neurology/Neurophysiology Alyssa Padover MD, Class of 2012, Anesthesiology
Julie Madani-Becker MD, Class of 1997, Ophthalmology Anthony Becker MD, Class of 1995, Interventional Radiology
Lawrence Jay Epstein MD, Class of 1983, Anesthesiology Jaime Simon MD, Class of 2011, Internal Medicine
Danielle Platt MD, Class of 2014, Adolescent Medicine Scott Gershan MD, Class of 2011, Psychiatry/Forensic Psychiatry
Aharon Lauterpacht MD, Class of 2016, Pediatrics Jeffrey Shenfeld MD, Class of 2018, Internal Medicine
B Max Kammerman, MD, Class of 2016, Family Medicine (Sports Medicine) Hirsh Komarow, MD, Class of 1995, Allergy/Immunology
Brian Altman, MD, Class of 2011, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Steven Flashner, MD, Class of 1991, Anesthesiology
Olivia Devillers MD, Class of 2021, Pediatrics Tzvi Wilbur, MA, MD, FAAP, Class of 2006
Andrew Korman,MD, Class of 2008, Gastroenterology Yuval Pinto, MD, Class of 2020, Family Medicine
Eyal BenDavid, MD, Class of 2021, Pediatrics Lyndsey Garbi, MD, Class of 2010, Pediatrics, Neonatology, Pediatric telehealth
Nimrod Goldshtrom, MD, MS, Class of 2010, Pediatrics, Neonatology, Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Jonathan Henesch, MD, Class of 2008, Critical Care
Mike Chill, MD, Class of 2013, Interventional Radiology Jonathan Morris MD, Class of 2012, Orthopedic Oncology
Sara (Kashuk) Morris MD, Class of 2012, Obstetrics and Gynecology Ben Greenberg MD, Class of 2004, Anesthesiology
Robyn (Epstein) Kreiner, MD, Class of 2010, Allergy and Immunology Jonah Grossman MD, Class of 2011, Neurology and Neurocritical Care
Daniel Heller MD, Class of 2008, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Ofer Wellisch MD MPH, Class of 2007, Anesthesiology
Dalia Artal, MD, Class of 2006, Radiology Susan Zweig MD, Class of 1997, Endocrinology
Max Brookman MD, Class of 2018, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Joshua Radparvar MD, Class of 2019, Emergency Medicine
Aharon Benelyahoo, MD, Class of 2015, Anesthesiology Nimrod Dayan, MD, FAAP, Class of 1999, Pediatrics and Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Moran Gotesman, MD, Class of 2011, Pediatrics and Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Aviel Lemus, MD, Class of 2014, Pediatrics
Maxim Kreditor, MD, Class of 1998, Hematology/Oncology Eitan Fleischman, MD, Class of 2019, Cardiology
Steven Zimmerman, MD, class of 1996, Emergency Medicine Aaron Richler, MD, Class of 2015, Internal Medicine and Nephrology
Laurence Orbuch, MD, Class of 1989, Obstetrics & Gynecology Michael Savetsky, MD, Class of 2007, Ophthalmology
Jacob Rastegar, MD Class of 1998, Obstetrics and Gynecology Gary Reyzin, MD, Class of 2004, Internal Medicine
Tamar Shafran MD, Class 2010, Ophthalmology Anat Zelmanovich MD, Class of 2009, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Alyssa Ziman, MD, Class of 1997, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Elie Sutton MD, Class of 2013, Colorectal Surgery
Adi Katz MD, Class 2007, Obstetrics and Gynecology Evan Lieberman MD, Class of 2016, Diagnostic Neuroradiology
Ariel Claman MD, Class of 2017 Emily Fisher MD, Class of 2017, Developmental Pediatrics
Gidon Akler MD, Class of 2009, Pediatrics/Medical Genetics Rachel Diamond MD MS, Class of 2012, Pediatric and Adult Palliative Care
Jon D. Kirwin MD, Class of 1984, Vascular Surgery Spencer Satz MD, Class of 2022, Anesthesiology
Gilead Lancaster, MD Class 1983, Cardiology Elan Noorparvar MD, Class of 2014, Internal Medicine
David Ben-Nun MD, Class of 2020, Internal Medicine Eliot Blum MD, Class of 2011, Emergency Medicine
Marissa Platner MD, Class of 2011, Obstetrics and Gynecology - Maternal Fetal Medicine Kevin Yeroushalmi MD, Class of 2016, Gastroenterology
Daniel Aghion MD, Class of 2008, Neurosurgery Alon Kashanian MD, Class of 2021, Neurosurgery
Eyal Menashe MD, Class of 2019, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Jason Lasry MD, Class of 2000. Emergency Medicine
Adva Kornblit MD, Class of 2013, Internal Medicine Roni Rosen, MD, Class of 2020, General Surgery
Ava Hacopian MD MPA, Class of 1996, Family Medicine Maya Viner MD, Class of 2016, Internal Medicine
Ari Zelig MD, Class of 2012, Allergy/Immunology Jonathan Trippett MD, Class of 2016, Medical Affairs
Jonathan Schwartz, Class of 1991, Gastroenterology and Hepatology Doreen Benary MD, Class of 2011, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Shoshana Streiter, MD, Class of 2013, Geriatrics Marly Isen MD, Class of 2017, Geriatric Medicine
Lisa Friedland MD, Class of 2018, Emergency Medicine Jessica Rabbany MD, Class of 2020, Psychiatry
Mark Dressner MD, Class of 1988, Family Medicine Michael Schachter MD, Class of 2014, Family Medicine
Alexander Abdurakhmanov, MD, Class of 2015, General Surgery Morgan Lisner MD, Class of 2011, Family Medicine and Obstetrics
Ari Mayerfield MD, Class of 2007 General and Hand Surgery Rachel (Frenklak) Sivan MD, Class of 2021, Pediatrics
Jason Jalil, MD, Class of 2012, Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry Binyamin Amrami MD, Class of 2008, Psychiatry
Anna Zezon MD Class of 2009, Rheumatology Sarah Golub MD, MPH, Class of 2012, Adolescent Medicine
Micah Lissy MD, Class of 2007, Orthopedic Surgery Jane V. Eason MD, Class of 1988, Infectious Diseases and Internal Medicine
Aurell Horing MD, Class of 2012, Internal Medicine Jeremy Pottash MD, Class 2015
Joseph S Elman,MD, Class 1983, Ophthalmology Brian Wiener MD Class of 2018, Emergency Medicine/Toxicology
Carly Alexander, MD, Class of 2012, Pediatrics Pedram Khorsandi MD, Class of 2018, Internal Medicine
Marla Levine MD, Class of 2005, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Gary H Friedman MD, Class 1982, Interventional Cardiology
Desmond McGuire MD, Class of 1997, Ophthalmology Rinat Tal MD, Class of 1998, Psychiatry
Jonathan Erber, MD, Class of 2002, Gastroenterology Galit Levy MD, Class of 2005, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
David J. Epstein MD, Class of 2018, Cardiology  


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