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Spring Semester 2022 - Study Abroad Courses


All courses, syllabi, dates and times below are subject to cancellation or change.


Classroom locations will be posted closer to course start dates. For a schedule of Spring 2022 important dates, including courses start and end dates, please visit our Study Abroad Calendar.

All students are responsible for carefully reading the Spring 2022 TAU International Academic Handbook prior to registering for courses. All the details are located in our Study abroad academic policies page. In this handbook, students will find detailed and essential academic information which they are responsible for understanding regarding courses, TAU academic policies, course registration, important academic deadlines and dates, and more.

TAU International Study Abroad students must enroll in a minimum of 4 courses listed below during each semester (if your home school requires you to enroll in more than 4, you are required to adhere to your home school requirements). Please note that all courses below are worth 3 semester credits unless otherwise noted (as is the case with Hebrew courses and Service Learning courses).

TAU does not permit, under any circumstances, taking any in-class (including mid or final) exams or final presentations early. When selecting courses, it is thus very important to note below if there is an in-class final (or presentation) as the date and type of exam cannot be changed. Early departures from the program are not approved, nor are early or exception exams or presentations.

All BA courses listed below run on the regular TAU calendar. However, study abroad students who take any of the courses below will be allowed to depart at the same time as any study abroad student and will be able to continue their courses remotely.

Note that the course of the Business & Entrepreneurship program are only available to Business & Entrepreneurship program students.




Name of Course


Course number

Day & Classroom



Jewish Studies

Contemporary Antisemitism

Dr. K Beller



Dan David 110


Final Paper


Contemporary Jewish Issues

Dr. M. Gresser



Dan David 110


Final Paper

Art Studies

Writing the Experience of Tel Aviv

Dara Barnat



Dan David 110


Final Paper

Israel Studies

Israeli Politics

Dr. E Klauber


Tues: Naftali 001

Thurs: Naftali 101


Final take home exam


The Ultraorthodox In Israeli Society: Differentiation vs. Integration

Dr. Sima Zalcberg Block

Ms. Esti Salomon



Dan David 106


Final take home paper

Middle East Studies

History of the Middle East in the Modern Period

Dr. B Friedman


Tues: Law Building 203

Thurs: Law Building 102


Final Paper


Islamic Politics and Terror in the Middle East

Prof. Meir Litvak



Dan David 110


Final take home exam


Psychological Challenges of Families

Dr. Ilan Tabak Aviram



Dan David 110


Final Paper

Environmental and Life Sciences

Israel and the Environment

Dr. S. Fleischer



Dan David 110


Final Paper

Business, Management & Economics

Business Ethics

Dr. S. Smila-Sened


Mon: Law Building 102

Wed: Law Building 203


Final take home exam


The Israeli Economy

Dr. P. Rivlin



Dan David 110


Final Paper

International Relations/Communication

Global Ethics

Dr. S. Smila-Sened


Mon: Law Building 102

Wed: Law Building 102


Final Paper


Media, War and Peace

Dr. Sandrine Bouadana



Law Building 203


Final Paper


Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)-Beginner's level

Dr. Sarit Pisson



Dan David 106


Final take home exam


Hebrew Levels




(Varies with each level)


Final In Class exam


Business & Entrepreneurship Required program courses

The following courses are open only to students who are officially enrolled in the Spring Business and Entrepreneurship Program. In addition, it should be noted that students in this program must take all three of these required courses plus one elective from the list above.

**Kindly note that Conscious entrepreneurship and Project Management are BA courses and therefore end on June 10, 2022 with exam potentially after this date


SPRING Business & Entrepreneurship Program COURSES 2022
Name of Program Name of Course Professor Course number Day Classroom Time Final 
Business & Entrepreneurship Program International Finance Prof. Larry Krohn 2120.0535.03 Mon/Wed

Mon: Naftali Room 003

Wed: Dan David 110

16:15-17:45 Take Home exam
  Project Management Mr. Shlomo Ehrlich 1662.5905.01 Mon Gilman 279 18:00-20:00 24 hr Take home exam
  Conscious Entrepreneurship Mr. Erez Yerushalmi 1662.5914.01 Tues Gilman 278 18:00-20:00 Paper



Courses in the BA in Liberal Arts Program

Study abroad students may take courses in the Liberal Arts program. Note that all the BA courses listed below run on the regular TAU calendar. However, study abroad students who take any of the courses below will be allowed to depart at the same time as any study abroad student and will be able to continue their courses remotely. This means you will complete your study abroad courses and continue remotely for at least another 3 weeks.

For a full list of syllabi, you may review their curriculum 2021.2022

Please also note that many times classes in Israel are written “to the nearest hour”, meaning you may see a course that meets from 10:15-11:45 written as 10:00-12:00. In this case, the course starts at 10:15, and ends at 11:45. Below we will write the course times as they actually are.

Course Name Professor Course number Days Times Classroom Assessment Type First Exam Date  Time
From Pythagoras to Google Dr. Ori Rotlevy 1662.1118.01 Mon/Wed 14:00-16:00 Gilman 282 Paper 07.07.22 09:00
Modernity and its discontents Dr. Yoav Fromer 1662.1111.01 Mon/Thurs 12:00-14:00 Gilman 282 Paper 17.07.22 09:00
A Political History of the Economy Prof. Michael Zakim 1662.1108.01 Tues 16:00-20:00 Gilman 279 Take-home exam Published 19.06.22 due 21.06.22 09:00
Introduction to Greek Philosophy Dr. Amichai Amit 1662.1400.01 Sun 14:00-16:00 Gilman 277 Paper 19.07.22 09:00
Jewish Political Philosophy Dr. Adrian Sackson 1662.1406.01 Mon 18:00-20:00 Gilman 277 Paper 08.07.22 09:00
Good and Evil Dr. Elisabeth Oppenheimer 1662.2424.01 Wed 12:00-14:00 Rosenberg 105 Take-home exam Published 03.07.22 due 05.07.22 09:00
Modern Turkey Hay Eitan Cohen Yanorocek 1662.2227.01 Thurs 10:00-12:00 Gilman 281 Paper 07.08.22 09:00
Start up law Dr. Adv. Ayal Shenhav 1662.5912.01 Sun 18:00-20:00 Rosenberg 2 Take Home exam Published 22.06.22 due 24.06.22 09:00
Thinking Critically about Technology Ms. Nitzan Waisberg 1662.1141.01 Tues 10:00-12:00 Gilman 279 Paper 12.08.22 09:00

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