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Registration is open for:

Program Length: 2 Years

Language of Instruction: English

Tuition: $10,500 USD (not including medical insurance)

Admission Requirements:
Bachelor's degree in the Social Sciences or related field with a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or 80 on a 100 scale

Application Deadline:

July 31, 2020

In case of restrictions connected to the COVID-19 situation, please note that program has put in place an alternative of long distance learning. If physical presence is not possible, you will be able to participate in your courses remotely and once permitted, resume them in person without this affecting your ability to complete the program.


The M.A. in Global Migration and Policy is an interdisciplinary master’s program taught in English that offers students the opportunity to engage critically with national and international issues that are at the forefront of today’s debates around migration and policy. The program is designed for passionate students with strong educational backgrounds, professional drive and, preferably, previous professional or activist experience. Students are first exposed to the main theoretical perspectives and subsequently to the professionally-oriented principles of migration. Led by scholars and practitioners in the field of migration, topics covered in the courses include immigration and citizenship policies; perspectives on refugees, asylum seekers and humanitarian aid; and the challenges of social, cultural and economic integration. The program also offers opportunities to learn about professional migration and the global middle class, oriented towards students interested in issues of job relocation and accommodation to new social and cultural environments. Students gain hands-on experience through fieldwork and are able to specialize in areas of migration according to their personal preferences.


The program also includes a study track in which students can study a semester abroad in one of several exchange programs at universities affiliated with TAU. This track is not open to students whose enrollment in the Migration program will be supported by United States Federal Student Aid due to restrictions on the use of such aid.


Career Success

The master’s degree in Global Migration and Policy prepares our graduates for careers in both the public and private sectors. The majority of students who studied in the program held migration related jobs 3-4 years after completing their studies. Some held government jobs and others were in non-governmental and grassroots organizations. Several of the graduates became entrepreneurs in the field of migration, and yet others are pursuing PhD degrees in universities around the world.


Hear more about the MA in Global Migration and Policy from our previous students and staff in this video.


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