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Language of Instruction: English

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​Open to undergraduate students focused on pre-med, sciences or similar fields

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Program Overview

Have you ever visited a hospital and wondered how things work internally? How are patients examined? How are ultrasounds conducted? What is it like to observe a surgical procedure in real time?


Tel Aviv University offers a hands-on program in the medical world for a semester abroad!


Voyage to Medicine is a unique program that focuses on one day per week (Sundays) at the hospital (Assaf Harofeh) and shadowing doctors.  You can learn from up-and-coming surgeons, and established Professors in their field and study the Israeli Health Care system. 

Two themes are incorporated into this program, which are the main challenges in medicine today: 


The Circle of Life

While observing the Circle of Life, our students will be exposed to the main junctions of a person's life span: from pregnancy and birth, through childhood and adulthood, and finally, old age and "end of life". They will be exposed to health and sickness, innovative abilities to provide care, and patient-doctor communication. 


The Hospital of the Future


Throughout the program, students will observe and learn how to use hospital technologies: operating theaters, laboratories, robots, and simulators, and learn valuable tools: lifesaving maneuvers during emergencies, the approach to the elderly, caring for babies, and handling handicaps.

They will also be exposed to worldwide health systems from the perspective of physicians, architects, managers, and the public, about challenges, preferences, and dilemmas. 


Professor Orna Tal, Head of the Program, describes this theme:


"The Hospital of the Future will provide students with a review of hospital needs in 2050. They will be invited to share their own ideas and to offer recommendations that could be implemented in future hospital strategies: what should patient care look like, and how can we use innovative tools to improve care and health?"



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