Venezuela Kalisher School

The Beit Venezuela-Kalisher School is an educational, therapeutic and rehabilitative facility for children and young adults with severe developmental, motor, neurological and cognitive disabilities. Many of the students who attend this school are wheelchair-bound and in constant need of personal care. Some are unable to speak and use special voice devices to communicate. Teachers and care-givers use a variety of approaches to cope with the complex requirements of each of the students. These begin at the sensory stimuli level and progress to the behavioral, emotional and cognitive levels.


  • Gain experience working with special education children
  • Get to know the refugee community and their unique situation in Israel
  • Help children at the school improve social and motor skills
  • Assist the school staff and enrich their methods of working

Additional Information:

  • The school, along with the volunteer, will build a personal schedule for each volunteer according to his/her needs. Each student has to volunteer is at least once a week, for 4 hours. The school works from Sunday to Thursday 8am to 3:30 pm.
  • A contact person will accompany the volunteers during their project and meet to train them to work with the children.

Contact Details:

Venezuela Kalisher School

27 Repidim St., Tel Aviv

03-6499161 |03-6476296| 03-6477004


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