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Fall Semester 2023 - Study Abroad Courses


All courses, syllabi, dates and times below are subject to cancellation or change.


Finalized syllabi will be posted in the coming months for some of the courses below. If you wish to check previous syllabi, you can check them under Fall 2022.

Classroom locations will be posted here closer to course start dates. For a schedule of Fall 2023 important dates, including courses start and end dates, please visit our Study Abroad Calendar.


All students are responsible for carefully reading the TAU Academic Handbook which contains detailed academic information regarding courses, registration, TAU academic policies, important academic deadlines, Moodle and much more.


TAU International Study Abroad students must enroll in a minimum of 4 courses listed below during each semester. If students have a home university requirement of more than this, students must adhere to their home university requirement. Please note that all courses below are worth 3 semester credits unless otherwise noted. TAU does not permit, under any circumstances, taking any in-class (including mid or final) exams at any other time than the scheduled exam day. When selecting courses, it is crucial to read the syllabus and check if there is an in-class midterm or final exam as this date/exam cannot be changed. Early departures from the program are not approved, nor are early or exception in-class exams.


Please also note that many times classes in Israel are written “to the nearest hour”, meaning you may see a course that meets from 10:15-11:45 written as 10:00-12:00. In this case, the course starts at 10:15, and ends at 11:45. Below we have written the actual course times.


For any questions regarding academic policies, procedures, syllabi or any other academic matter please email our TAU International Academic Team


Department Name of course Name of Professor Course # Schedule Final  Classroom
Jewish Studies & Israel Studies History of Antisemitism Dr. Kathy Beller 2120.0539.02 Mon + Wed 10:15-11:45AM Final paper  
  The Essence of Judaism Dr. Moshe Gresser 2120.0109.02 Tues + Thurs  10:15-11:45AM Final paper  
  Israeli Politics Dr. Evgeni Klauver 2120.0112.02 Tues + Thurs 12:15-13:45PM Final paper  
Middle East Studies Islam: Politics & Terror in the Middle East Professor Meir Litvak 2120.0240.02 Mon + Wed 12:15-13:45PM Final Take home exam  
  History of the Middle East in the Modern Period Dr. Brandon Friedman 2120.0120.03 Tues/Thurs 12:15-1:45PM Final paper  
International Relations, Economics, Management Global Ethics Dr. Sarit Smila Sened 2120.0101.02 Mon + Wed 12:15-13:45PM Final paper  
  The Israeli Economy Dr. Paul Rivlin 2120.0117.02 Mon + Wed 14:15-15:45PM Final paper  
  Corporate Responsibility Dr. Dana Landau 2120.0118.02 Tues + Thurs  10:15-11:45AM Final paper  
Psychology Psychological Thinking in the 21st Centure: Sexuality & Relationships, Global and Israeli perspectives Dr. Ilan Tabak Aviram 2120.0537.03 Tues + Thurs 14:15-15:45PM Final paper  
Languages Arabic: Introduction to Modern Standard Arabic Dr. Sarit Pisson 2120.0980.02 Mon + Wed 10:15-11:45AM Final Take home exam  
  Hebrew: Hebrew various levels Varies Varies Mon+ Tues+Wed+Thurs 8:30-10AM Final In class exam  


Fall BA Courses 2023 - Kindly note that Fall BA courses start on October 15, 2023 (a Sunday) and run until January 21, 2024. Study abroad semester ends on December 21, 2023. The final month of courses, study abroad students should go home and continue remotely. Leaving the program, does not mean that the course has been completed


Course Name Professor Credits Course number Days Classrooms Final 
World Masterpieces of the Western Tradition Prof. Uri Cohen 4 1662.1100.01 Tues/Thurs 10AM-12PM   Take home exam
What's New in New Media Dr. Carmel Vaisman 4 1662.1500.01 Mon/Thurs 2PM-4PM


Final paper
Developmental Psychology Dr. Naftally Israeli 2 1662.1600.01 Tuesdays 10AM-12PM   Take home exam
Fundamental concepts in Philosophy Dr. Adrian Sackson 2 1662.1132.01 Wednesdays 6PM-8PM   Take home exam
From Pythagoras to Google Dr. Ori Rotlevy 4 1662.1118.01 Sun/Tues 4PM-6PM   Final Paper

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