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Are you a company/organization looking for ambitious and motivated international students from top accredited universities around the world to intern at your organization for a summer, semester (fall or spring) or full academic year? We have international students eager to intern, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and majors including Business, Marketing, Engineering, Math, Computer Science, Education, Non-Profit, Health Sciences, Fine Arts, Environmental Studies, and much more! We personally customize each placement, ensuring that your organization receives an intern who is best suited in terms of skills and experience for the position.


What are the benefits of hosting an international intern?

  • Your organization can increase productivity, utilizing fresh talents for completing projects and initiating new ones.
  • Short term internships are perfect for specific projects for a short and predefined period of time.
  • Employees can enrich their role by taking on the training, supervision and mentoring of interns.
  • The workplace can benefit from meeting and working with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  • Interns who return to their country of origin share with others abroad their experience and become ambassadors of your brand.
  • Our interns can provide English language insight and international/intercultural perspectives


What is required of the organization?

An organization must agree to provide close mentorship and supervision of the student intern for the duration of the internship, as well as provide a suitable place to work from. Internships are unpaid.


Are you interested in getting started?

To begin, please complete a brief form found here which will ask for your contact information and more detailed information about your organization and the specific internship you would like to offer. Please be as detailed as possible in describing the potential role and tasks that an intern could participate in. Once you submit the completed form, our Internship Coordinator will be in touch.


For general information about our programs, dates and availability of interns, please contact our Internship Coordinator directly at


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