COVID-19: From Crisis to Opportunity

COVID-19: From Crisis to Opportunity

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Summer 2020

Program Dates: July 6-30, 2020

Language of Instruction: English

Academic Credits: 2

The COVID-19 pandemic is considered the worst global humanitarian crisis since World War II. In response to the worldwide increase of morbidity and mortality, the pandemic resulted in the implementation of numerous extraordinary and unprecedented public health measures to contain the virus, including national lockdowns, large-scale quarantines and social distancing.

The consequences of these measures severely impacted the healthcare, economic, employment, legal and environmental systems, alongside many others. There is a vital need to recognize the varied frameworks that were applied in an effort to mitigate and combat the impact of COVID-19, to understand their successes and failures, and to identify the opportunities that they create towards a more resilient society.


Aims of the course:

From Crisis to Opportunity is a course that will introduce students to a spectrum of actions and measures that were implemented by multidisciplinary systems during the struggle to contain the COVID-19 crisis. The course will encompass the diverse areas and structures that were severely impacted by the crisis, such as the medical, economic, environmental, and educational systems, while analyzing other perspectives of how the pandemic was managed.


Structure of the course:

The course will be conducted as an online program, featuring 12 sessions, each consisting of the following elements:

  1. learning tasks that will be performed by the students in preparation for each meeting;
  2. Synchronic online class, including lectures, small-group work and plenary discussions;
  3. Reflections of students following each class;
  4. Submission of final assignment.

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