Social Activism

Tel Aviv is one of the most diverse cities in Israel and home to people of many different ethnicities, nationalities, and social backgrounds. So, it’s no surprise that the city is the birthplace of many of Israel's largest and most important social movements.

At TAU, we believe in encouraging our students to be caring and active citizens who are committed to bringing about social change and constantly improving Israeli society.Most social activism and volunteer programs are overseen by the Department of Social Involvement at the Dean of Students.


Encouraging Involvement

TAU is proud to offer its students several scholarship programs in exchange for part-time involvement in a variety of social projects. TAU students can choose to tutor high school students from low income families, participate in educational campaigns to prevent drug and alcohol abuse among teenagers, teach basic economics and law classes to adults, mentor freshmen students at TAU dorms by guiding them through the process of adjusting to life away from home, and many other opportunities. 


Fostering Leadership

TAU provides several leadership programs, including those designed specifically to empower women and ethnic minorities to speak out and initiate social change. The university fosters an environment that allows students to take on leadership roles during their studies and gain practical experience while learning about the social, political, and economic landscape of Israel. These activities create young leaders with a solid grounding in both theory and practice, and give TAU graduates an important competitive edge in the job market.

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