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Registration is open for:

Program Length: 3 semesters (10 months)

Language of Instruction: English

Tuition: $15,000

Admission Requirements:
Bachelor's degree in any field with a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or 80 on a 100 scale

Application Deadline

Rolling admissions

International MA in Political Science: Studying the Essence of Politics from the Inside Out


In today’s complex world, the ways the media shapes the world of politics must be understood both theoretically and alongside the practical implications of new communication technologies. This is especially true in democratic states, where politicians have to orchestrate “permanent campaigns” in order to facilitate ongoing public debate.  


The MA program in Political Science and Political Communication is an excellent graduate program that provides students with the skills they need to become leading scholars, effective journalists, diplomatic representatives, or professionals in related fields.


The M.A. in Political Science & Political Communication is based in Israel, One of the countries that have the highest rates of the foreign press present. It allows students to explore the theoretical and practical relationship between media and politics from this unique vantage point, and advance their future careers.


The program includes a broad academic curriculum that focuses on how ideas are communicated, from Socratic thought to the use of modern-day technologies and political leadership. Students will receive hands-on experience in the field through a series of site visits to government institutions, the Israeli Parliament (Knesset), the Israeli Foreign Ministry and to major broadcasting authorities. The program also provides networking opportunities with politicians, prominent journalists, and election specialists during the Debate Forum series and other events.


Students from the Program will graduate with comprehensive knowledge of the dynamics of politics in our global age. Our expert faculty members develop students’ understanding of communicative perspectives and analysis of the challenges faced by today’s leaders.  


Our students come from around the globe and are strongly encouraged to apply for local internships and Hebrew and/or Arabic language courses to better understand the local lifestyle and culture.



The Program provides in-depth understanding of the ways in which communication technologies create paradigm shifts in world politics and equips students with the tools needed to analyze the dilemmas facing democracy in the age of globalization. The Program Includes extensive extra-curricular site visits and excursions, from Jerusalem to the Gaza and Lebanese borders that allow students to apply theories learned in the classroom to real life.

Our graduates are equipped to evaluate and respond to the challenges that arise from the interconnectedness between politics and communication and are prepared for careers as political leaders, election campaign managers, diplomats, journalists, or professionals in related fields.


Studying at Tel Aviv University


Tel Aviv University is one of Israel’s leading higher education institutions, attracting talented students and renowned faculty from around the globe to our campus in Tel Aviv. More than 30,000 students take part in our academic programs, from the bachelor’s level to doctorates and beyond.  The beautiful and spacious campus is a quick bike ride away from downtown Tel Aviv, an urban hub for diversity and creativity with a Middle Eastern flair. As Israel’s biggest commercial center, Tel Aviv is an international metropolis that attracts visitors with a unique nightlife, legendary beach fronts and the latest in urban living trends.  With its sunny Mediterranean beaches and vibrant social scene, Tel Aviv provides the ideal setting for an unforgettable study experience.

For further reference visit the interactive map of TAU’s campus. For more information on Tel Aviv University visit TAU's website


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