Fees and Expenses

All fees and expenses listed below are quoted in US Dollars.



  • Degree Programs
  • Study Abroad Programs
  • Summer Institute and Language Programs
Degree Programs


Prices are updated for 2018/2019



Graduate Programs (7)

App Fee** Ulpan Tuition (8)  Dorms (1) Total Fee
Parasol Foundation International LL.M. Program 100   21,000 TBA TBA
MA in Archaeology and History of the Land of the Bible (2) 100   18,000 8,800 26,900
The International Program in Conflict Resolution and Mediation (MA in Public Policy) 100   16,800 8,800 25,700
MA in Environmental Studies 100   17,500 8,800 26,400
MA in Global Migration (3) 100   11,310 TBA TBA
MA in Middle Eastern Studies (9) 100   15,000 8,800 23,900
MA in Political Science & Political Communication 100   15,000 8,800 23,900
MA in Security and Diplomacy 100   17,500 8,800 25,400
MA in Crisis and Trauma 100   18,500 8,800 27,400
MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (4) 100 1,450 15,250 8,800 25,600
EMPH Program in Emergency & Disaster Management 100   17,500 8,800 26,400
Sofaer International MBA Program (5)  100   32,000 8,800 40,900
MSc Plant Sciences with Emphasis in Food Safety and Security 100   16,250 TBA TBA





















Undergraduate Programs App Fee** Ulpan Tuition Dorms (6) Total Fee
BA in Liberal Arts 100   11,500 5,100 16,700
BSc in Electrical & Electronics Engineering 100   15,000 5,400 20,500





* Each additional semester costs 5% of the Program's tuition.
Each additional or repetitive course has an extra fee. Credit point fee is calculated proportionally to the
 Program's tuition [Course credit points*(Total tuition/Total Program's credit point)].
** Application fee to the programs is non-refundable.


(1) Housing assessment is based on a studio room (11 months).
(2) A mandatory archaeological excavation is held during the summer for 4 weeks. The cost is $2,500 and it is paid separately to the Tel Azekah/Megiddo expedition.Please take note that in order for students to be eligible for their TAU degree, they must participate in the summer excavation.
(3) Taught over two years.
(4) Mandatory Ulpan
(5) The Sofaer International MBA has an additional fee of $900 total for its mandatory Preparatory Courses.
(6) Housing assessment is based on shared apt and shared rooms (2 beds in each room).
(7) Some graduate programs offer outstanding students the opportunity to stay for a thesis, the cost of the thesis track is not listed in the tuition fees above.
(8) Some programs will charge a tuition convenience fee to cover the cost of credit card processing. Ordinarily 2.45 percent on credit card transactions, please visit program page to check this. This will show up as a banking fee on the student fees.
(9) The MA in Middle Eastern studies thesis track includes 3 semesters of Arabic study (3000USD) and  The 4th semester thesis costs an additional $5000. Executive students can take an Arabic language study program for 3 consecutive semesters for an additional fee of $3000.

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