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The Dov Lautman Unit for Science Oriented Youth in Tel Aviv University was established in the School of Education in 1981. It serves the community, and more specifically, youth interested in enriching their scientific education. Over 20,000 young students participate each year in one of the wide range of programs and courses offered throughout the year.


The purposes of the Dov Lautman Unit for Science Oriented Youth programs are to expose youths to fields of study which are not part of their school curriculum, to present them with diverse scientific issues and advanced scientific research, to introduce them with new research methodology, and to encourage and promote youth to go to higher education in general.


Science and Innovation International Camp is a dozen-day summer study program in Israel for high school students and open to students from all over the world – during the first 2 weeks of July following your sophomore, junior, or senior year.


For 12 unforgettable days, you will experience creative academics at Tel Aviv University, exciting interactive visits at many of the most advanced places of innovation in the world, amazing trips off the beaten path, immersion in Israeli culture, and a life-lasting experience of friendship, fun, and discovery.


As a participant in the Science and Innovation International Summer Camp program, you will meet some of the most creative minds in the world. You will experience firsthand the best of what Israel has to offer. You will get to know the inner workings of cutting edge facilities and interact with inventors, researchers, artists and designers. You will experience creative academics in the Sciences and Arts at renowned Tel Aviv University. And most of all, you will learn cooperatively with your peers and create a life changing group experience based on rich sharing of ideas and team work, along with Israeli high school students participating in the summer camp program.



About the Program


The Science Summer Camp is intended for a group of top grade students. The camp will last 12 days, with full residential facilities, at the Green Village and is shared with Israeli youth.


The program is based on the experiential scientific learning in the English language. The students participate in educational activities, focusing on three components:

  • Scientific enrichment
  • Academic skills
  • Introduction of activities that Israel and Tel Aviv University have to offer


*Click here to view the program's brochure in a PDF format.



July 4, 2017 - July 14, 2017


* The camp will open subject to a minimum number of participants.


Registration for next summer is now open!

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Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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