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Each undergraduate semester or year-long program at TAU International is preceded by a mandatory intensive Hebrew course called Ulpan. This offers students the opportunity to develop their Hebrew language skills and prepares them for life in Israel. The Ulpan is also open for individuals who just want to come for the Summer/Winter and learn Hebrew.

Classes are held from Sunday- Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


There are several options:

  • Winter Ulpan (Jan/Feb) January 23 – February 23 2017, taught over four weeks prior to the spring semester (4 credits)
  • Beginners Ulpan (June/July) June 11 - July 23, 2017, taught over six weeks (only for beginners) (4 credits)
  • Short Summer Ulpan (All Levels) (July/Aug) July 30 - August 27, 2017, taught over four weeks  (4 credits)
  • Summer Ulpan (All Levels) (July/Sep) July 30 - September 17, 2017, taught over six - seven weeks  (6 credits)

Please check the academic calendar for exact dates.


Students who are continuing with the semester program may take additional Hebrew courses. These are taught at different levels.


Fees and Expenses

Beginners Ulpan (4 credits)


Short Summer Ulpan (4 credits)


Summer Ulpan (6 credits)


Housing for four-week programs


Housing for five-week programs


Housing for six to seven-week Ulpan



Hebrew Studies Courses

The Hebrew studies curriculum is designed to teach language skills and also focus on themes related to Israeli life, such as geography, the environment, history, and current cultural events. We believe that students of this program come to Israel with the expectation of acquiring the language in its cultural, historical, and contemporary context.


The program also includes trips to places of special interest, guided viewing of Israeli films, exposure to Hebrew literature, and a focus on Israeli arts, theater, music, and dance.


The curriculum can be studied at 11 levels.

  • Beginner's level: This is taught as an intensive course only. The other levels are offered as both intensive and semester-long courses.

  • Basic levels: Levels 1, 2, and 3 are taught as intensive courses or semester courses of 8 hours per week

  • Intermediate levels: Levels 4, 5, and 6 are taught as intensive courses or semester courses of 8 hours per week

  • Higher levels: Levels 6 and 7 are taught as intensive courses or semester courses of 6 hours per week

  • Advanced levels: Levels 8, 9, and 10-11 are taught as intensive courses or semester courses of 6 hours per week


Ulpan Scholarships

The Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe:  

This scholarship will be funding 5 grants of up to USD 1,450 for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers of Jewish Studies in Europe who will be attending Tel Aviv University Summer Ulpan. The scholarship will cover the tuition of the summer ulpan program and the purpose of this assistance is to gain or improve the language skills necessary for your research. Post-doctoral applicants must have received their doctoral degree no more than 5 years before the closing date of the current grant round. Eligible students must come from the EU and show how the Hebrew Ulpan  will contribute to research and studies within  the field of Jewish Studies. Candidates must have already completed their BA to be eligible for this scholarship. Complete and follow the instructions on the scholarship form and the guidelines below to apply.

Applicants who are interested in applying for the grant should contact:

Last date for applications is: July 1st, 2017.



Ms. Tamar Grushka Shtern, Admissions Desk:
Mrs. Jesica Blumenfeld, General Questions:
Eligible EU graduate and Doctoral Students researchers of Jewish Studies may apply to the scholarship. Click here for the forms.



Ralph and Paula Atlas and Joel Atlas Skirble Endowment Fund For Ulpan Students
Throughout his life, Ralph Atlas showed a passionate dedication to the State of Israel and the betterment of the Jewish community.  As an English-Hebrew translator for Wingate and the U.S. Army in the 1940s, he not only served as a link between U.S. and Israel interests, but is also credited with the introduction of many modern Hebrew words that were unheard of in Ancient Hebrew.  After graduating with a degree in aeronautical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University (then Carnegie Institute of Technology) in the United States, he returned to Palestine.  Beginning in high school he worked in one capacity or another in the Hagana.  During World War II he served as captain in the British Army and was chief weapons training instructor for  Jewish recruits.  
After the war, Ralph was assigned to the British Embassy in Washington, and later returned to Pittsburgh.  Throughout his life he was dedicated to Israel and Jewish causes.  He served as the Vice President of the Pittsburgh ZOA and was an elected member of the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.  With his wife, Paula, the Atlas family endowed a foundation committed to supporting institutions, researchers and individuals in need in Israel.
Today, the Ralph and Paula Atlas and Joel Atlas Skirble Endowment fund is dedicated to continuing Ralph Atlas’ legacy by supporting Hebrew education in Israel.  This scholarship is open to any student studying Hebrew through the TAU International Ulpan Program, a program that Ralph’s daughter, Rosanne Skirble, was a participant in.
For additional information, please contact us via e-mail for details or apply by clicking HERE


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