Entrepreneurship and Internship Study Abroad Program

Entrepreneurship and Internship Study Abroad Program

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Registration is open for:
Spring 2019

Program Length: Semester & Summer

Language of Instruction: English

Tuition: $16,460

Admission Requirements: Business, Engineering, Economics, or Science Undergraduates who have completed at least one year of study. Students focusing on other fields are also welcome to apply.

Application Deadline: November 1, 2018

Program Dates: January 15 – July 26 (Spring 2019)

Our Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Study Abroad Program is designed to further open the gateway to your global career. The program is operated in partnership with TAU’s Coller School of Management, a world-renowned school preparing students with the methodologies and skill set they need to succeed in today’s business world. We offer the perfect setting both in the classroom as well as exposure to outside of the classroom here in the Innovation Nation. By choosing to come study in a country that is also known as the Start-Up Nation, and by living in Tel Aviv, Israel’s financial and technological capital, you will be immersed in a world of innovative culture and trailblazing companies.


For students looking to maximize their global professional experience and future connections while studying here in Tel Aviv, we offer our Entrepreneurship and Internship Program. Our internship program enables students to gain valuable international work experience, explore various potential career paths, build a network of contacts and learn from experts. You will be able to intern in the field of your choice with leading organizations and companies in various fields such as: Business, High-Tech, Communications, Real Estate, Non-Profit, Social Entrepreneurship, Education, Environment, and much more.


How does it work? Students on the Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Study Abroad Program + Internship Program begin with a mandatory intensive Hebrew language course, called an Ulpan, to first prepare students for life in Israel (note: students at Hebrew Level 8 or above are exempt from mandatory Ulpan). From there, they take three required semester courses in the subjects of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Finance. They also must select one elective from our list of study abroad courses which makes for a total of 4 semester courses. Students begin their internship part-time while taking their semester courses, and then in the summer students move to full time in their internships while taking one required academic workshop worth 3 semester credits. The workshop-style course will focus on developing your career goals and professional skills and will deal with issues such as cultural differences in the workplace, interpersonal problem solving, project management, interviewing, career development and much more. The course will be taught by Prof. Jonathan Smilansky of Tel Aviv University, an international expert in career development and talent management, working with leading organizations worldwide. Prof. Smilansky is the academic director of the Career Development Center at the Faculty of Business Administration at Tel Aviv University and a lecturer on human resource management.

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