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Middle Eastern Studies (M.A.)

Middle Eastern Studies (M.A.)

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Registration is open for:

Program Length: 3 semesters (10 months)

Language of Instruction: English

Tuition: $15,000, Excluding language courses and optional thesis; Scholarships and funding available

Admission Requirements:
Bachelor's degree with a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or 80 on a 100 scale

Application Deadline: May 30, 2015

The International M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies (M.A.MES) Program offers students an academic immersion in the current affairs and history of the modern Middle East. This one-year program is taught in English and is an excellent choice for those interested in pursuing careers in the fields of journalism, diplomacy, government, think tank research, advocacy/activism, and academia.


Students will find an unparalleled opportunity to acquire an in-depth understanding of the political, social and economic dimensions of the Middle East, from within. This program equips its graduates with the analytical tools and knowledge base to eventually become experts on a region whose geo-political developments regularly affect the state of global affairs. Students who complete the program are awarded an M.A. degree in Middle Eastern History from Tel Aviv University's prestigious department of Middle Eastern and African History.

Program Features

Students will study with prolific scholars and world-renowned experts, including Israel’s former ambassador to Jordan. Through this program you will explore Israeli society and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through study trips that focus on border issues and minority populations, and travel to the countries, cities, and sites that you will be learning in the classroom.


Students will also gain full access to the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, which is ranked among the top 10 global think tanks.


The program offers two tracks designed to help students achieve their individual goals:

  • Research track including language studies and research thesis

  • Executive track without thesis


Students can also learn the region’s critical languages: Arabic, Turkish and Hebrew.


Career Success

Students interested in pursuing careers pertaining to the Middle East in the fields of journalism, diplomacy, government, think-tank research, advocacy/activism, and academia will find an unparalleled opportunity to acquire an in-depth understanding of the political, social, and economic dimensions of the region from within. Students will gain professional experience from a wealth of internship opportunities with top research centers, think-tanks, and news publications in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. 

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