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  • Fall 2014
  • Spring 2015



JEWISH STUDIES Course Number Day Hours Day Hours
The Jewish World in the Modern Era - Prof. R. Rockaway 2120.5300.02 TUE 10:00-12:00 THU 10:00-12:00
History of Anti -Semitism - Dr. K. Beller 2120.0539.02 MON 10:00-12:00 WED 10:00-12:00
Judaism And Christianity In Conflict  - Prof. J. Cohen 2120.0169.03 TUE 12:00-16:00    
"After Auschwitz": Images of the Holocaust in Contemporary Culture - Dr. R. Perry 2120.0124.02 WED 12:00-16:00    
The Essence of Judaism - Dr. M. Gresser 2120.0109.02 TUE 10:00-12:00 THU 10:00-12:00
ISRAEL STUDIES Course Number Day Hours Day Hours
The Zionist Movement: The long Road to Sovereignty: 1860-1949  - Mr. Liptz Paul 2120.1005.02 MON 12:00-14:00 WED 12:00-14:00
One Hundred Years: History and Memory in Tel Aviv-Jaffa - Dr. M Wein 2120.0533.02 TUE 16:00-20:00    
Israeli Politics -Dr. E. Klauber 2120.0112.02 TUE 12:00-14:00 THU 12:00-14:00
MIDDLE EAST STUDIES Course Number Day Hours Day Hours
Radical Islamic Movements (Ideology And Structure) - Dr. B. Berti 2120.0787.02 MON 10:00-12:00 WED 10:00-12:00
History of the Middle East in the Modern Period - Dr. B. Friedman 2120.0120.03 MON 16:00-18:00  WED 16:00-18:00 
ART STUDIES Course Number Day Hours Day Hours
Introduction to Israeli Art: From The Founding of Bezalel (1906), Up To The 21st Century  - Dr. R. Shusterman 2120.0987.02 TUE 12:00-14:00 THU 12:00-14:00
Acting Workshop - Ms. M. Bat-Adam 2120.0478.02 THU 16:00-18:00    
Israeli Cinema and the Culture of Modern Israel - Dr. S. Duvdevani 2120.0468.02 MON 12:00-16:00    
LIFE SCIENCES Course Number Day Hours Day Hours
Israel And The Environment - Dr. S. Fleischer 2120.0139.02 TUE 16:30-20:00    
MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS Course Number Day Hours Day Hours
The Israeli Economy - Dr. P. Rivlin 2120.0172.02 MON 14:00-16:00 WED 14:00-16:00
Business Ethics - Dr. S. Smila-Sened 2120.0100.02 MON 10:00-12:00 WED 10:00-12:00
ARABIC Course Number Day Hours Day Hours
Introduction to Modern Standard Arabic (First Level)  - Mr. M. Guggenheimer 2120.0980.01 TUE 10:00-12:00 THU 10:00-12:00
Introduction to  Standard Colloquial Arabic  (First Level) - Dr. L. Laks
Students must take the Standard Arabic Course in order to join this course/ pre requisite introduction to MSA
2120.0983.02 MON 16:00-18:00 WED 16:00-18:00
Coursera (Online Courses)
Student must apply online and register with TAU International (  prior to the beginning of the course.
The Fall and Rise of Jerusalem - Dr. Oded Lipschits 1882.0601.01
What a Plant Knows - Dr. Daniel Chamovitz 1882.0404.01




Course Name

Course Number

Days Hours Days Hours
On Being Human - Philosophical Perspectives
Dr. Miri Rozmarin
1662.1109.01 Mon 12:00-14:00 Thu 12:00-14:00
Israel - Society, History and Politics
Prof. Eyal Naveh
1662.1110.01 Tue 16:00-20:00    
Techno-Utopia: Introduction to the Social and Cultural History of the Internet
Dr. David Snyder
1662.1501.01 Thu 14:00-18:00    
Introduction to Gaming
Ms. Nea Erlich
1662.2505.01 Wed 10:00-14:00    
Visual Culture and New Media
Dr. Sharon Avital
1662.2506.01 Mon 14:00-18:00    
Digital Aesthetics in Literature
Dr. Robin Shochat Bagon
1662.2504.01 Sun 14:00-18:00    
Between Theory and Practice: the Relations Between Political Thought and Action
Mr. Ori Rotlevy
1662.2406.01 Sun 14:00-18:00    
Philosophy of Photography
Ms. Rona Cohen 
1662.2407.01 Wed 12:00-16:00    
Encounters with the Other - a View from Psychoanalysis
Dr. Alon Yafe
1662.2603.01 Sun 16:00-18:00  Tue 16:00-18:00
Iraq in the 20th Century: Sectarianism and the establishment of a Unified State-System
Dr. lisheva Machlis
1662.2202.01 Mon 12:00-14:00 Thu 12:00-14:00
Wars, negotiations and Plans in the Middle East
Dr. Orit Miller-Katav
1662.2203.01 Wed 12:00-16:00    
Historicizing Men and Masculinities in the Modern Middle East
Dr. Sivan Balslev
1622.2204.01 Thu 14:00-18:00    
The War against the Jews: History of the Holocaust
Dr. Joel Zisenwine
1662.2301.01 Tue 14:00-18:00    



  1. Courses starting with the number 2120 are offered by the study abroad program, courses starting with the number 1662 are offered by the BA in Liberal Arts program.
  2. Courses starting with the number 1221 are offered in partnership with the Recanati Faculty of Management and taught with Israeli students, these courses are open to students majoring in: Business, Engineering, Economics, or Science who have completed at least one year of study.
  3. Semester students cannot join year courses.
  4. Courses with less than 10 students might be cancelled.
  5. Study Abroad Students have only one final term, even if they join BA classes.
  6. BA in Liberal Arts semester begins on Sunday; some courses last longer and run in parallel with the regular TAU calendar. For the course descriptions and syllabi please check the program page online. Please check the exam schedule, Study abroad students cannot take exams on different dates.
  7. The following exemptions for taking a final exam not on its date are: IDF Reserves, Illness – Doctor's/Hospital notes, Birth, or Immediate family death.
  8. Coursera is an education company that partnered with TAU and other top universities and organizations in the world to offer courses online.
  9. Note: Please check online for the final exam date.  You cannot join the course unless you are able to stay in Israel for the final exam.

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